Ankur Kedia

Ankur Kedia

Software Engineer
Ankur kedia loves to create and do things that involves problem solving and he likes to get things done. He's worked on Java, JavaScript, HTML , CSS, jQuery, React and React Native. Having 3-4 month of experience in React Native, he believes in experimenting and learning new technology. Ankur was hired at GeekyAnts after undergoing 5 rounds of aptitute, coding, technical skills testing and cleared all rounds over 300 candidates. Ankur has developed a food ordering app using React Native. It consisted of separate apps for both user end and kitchen end. It has login and signup utility which consists of email authentication, verification and Google login. Firebase is used at the back-end with Redux and Redux-Saga for state management. In the app, react-navigation is used to navigate between screens. The user end has food ordering component and track component to track the orders placed. On the user side, we can see few recent order, cancel them and we can also navigate to see all the orders placed. On the kitchen end, all orders from all users are visible and we have choice to acknowledge, update, cancel the order and then the user can see the updated state.

Interest & Expertise

  • Reading
  • Photography
  • Playing Cricket
  • Table Tennis


Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, Bootstrap 4

Mobile Framework & Library

React Native, Flutter


JavaScript, Java, Python

Version Control

Git, GitLab


Sublime Text, VS Code

State Management

Redux, MobX

Research & Development

TypeScript In CRNA

Ankur Kedia has managed to figure out a way to provide TypeScript support to CRNA. His method is easier to achieve than any other ways out there.

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