Alakesh Bora

Alakesh Bora

Software Engineer
An aspiring full-stack developer, with experience in React, Node.js and relational databases like MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Passionate about writing clean, concise, and effective code. Also interested in Machine Learning, with some experience on Machine Learning projects.

The most amazing...

.... Designed and implemented a human emotion and gender recognition engine in just under a month from scratch. This was done during an internship at IIT, Indore by me and my team-mate under the guidance of one of the professors there.

Interest & Expertise

  • Writing clean and concise code.
  • Web Development
  • Low-level system design
  • Machine Learning


  • Participated in and won multiple coding competitions.
  • Recognised as a Silver Level Technical Content Writer by GeeksForGeeks.



MySQL, PostgreSQL

Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, TypeScript

State Management

Redux, Redux Saga

Frontend Framework & Library



Bookmarks App

Worked on a bookmark management web application with a few other team members. Used React.js, Redux, and Redux-Saga to design and implement the login page and login/register authentication for the application. Used reusable functional React components to design the login and the sign-up pages, Used Redux-Saga to make asynchronous API calls for logging in or signing up, Used SASS to make the CSS more structured, and the reusable components significantly reduced the redundant CSS. Features of the bookmarks management application:- Users can create separate accounts, and only view their own bookmarks, Users can store the bookmarks in nested folders. This helps organize the bookmarks in a more structured manner, Users can add tags to their bookmarks for quick access to the bookmarks, Users can quickly add new bookmarks, and new folders, The bookmarks’ metadata is extracted and the bookmarks are displayed in a visually appealing way. Tech Stack used: Typescript, React.js, Redux, Redux-Saga, Postman for API testing, SASS

Simple Node.js and Express.js application

This is a simple Node.js application that can interact with a PostgreSQL database using knex.js and APIs, The database that was created had two tables, one stored the details like name of a person, and another table stored the address of that person, Created a couple of migrations to make changes to the database incrementally. The application has 3 API endpoints:- One for creating a new person, One for adding address of a person, One to get all the users from a specific state. Tech Stack Used: Node.js, Express.js, knex.js, Postman for API testing.

Emotion and Gender Recognition Engine

Me and my team-mate designed and implemented a human emotion and gender recognition engine, using Convolutional Neural Networks to classify human gender and emotion in real-time. Tech Stack used: Python3, Tensorflow, scikit-learn, openCV, pandas.

Social Media Bot

Implemented a social-media bot to like people’s posts based on keywords and usernames. This project was totally done as a personal project. Tech Stack used: Python3, Tweepy, an API provided by the social media website.