Akshay D Katariya

Akshay D Katariya

Senior Software Engineer
Love to develop things and play with codes.

The most amazing...

.... thing I have created is an active Directory self password reset portal where customer can reset their own office credentials using MVC and .Net

Interest & Expertise

  • Learning new technology
  • Creating sites
  • Databases
  • Machine Learning


  • Best Academy award in School
  • Best employee in Automation Team in Infosys
  • Certification on Machine Learning in Infosys



MySQL, MongoDB

Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, C, C++

Version Control

Git, GitHub

Frontend Framework & Library



Dashboard Summary

A project which can display data from Database in different charts in front end and canbe edited in simple way using HTML, Java script, Java, My SQL.

Password Reset Portal

Web Portal for a customer to reset password in an easy and efficient way using MVC, .NET, LDAP, HTML.

Ticket Automation Tool

Automating the manually assigning of tickets from different infra team using Sikuli, Java

Infra Management Support

Handling all the operation of Infra to make sure the project is running in an efficient and smooth way using HP tools.