Akanksha Verma

Senior Software Engineer - I
An enthusiastic person who is eager to learn new things and always tries to keep challenging my abilities to be a better version of myself.
ServerLess Framework
Spring boot
Interest & Expertise
  • Web Development
  • Backend Technologies
  • Data Structure & Problem Solving
  • Full stack Development
MySQL,MongoDB,MS SQL Server,PostgreSQL,Redis
Backend Framework & Library
Node.js,Express.js,Spring Boot based microservices,Serverless,Loopback,Loopback3,ServerLess Framework
Cloud Services
Dialog Flow
Real Time Data Gaming App
A Social Fantasy Sports app, in which casual sports fans can look upon the upcoming tournaments and can play by creating their own team for the ongoing matches. They can socially connect with their friends for the challenges. Also, users can withdraw or add money for participation in matches.
Investment Management Portal for Agents
The website is primarily for agents who have the knowledge of investments in various types of funds and with this website they can enroll customers, purchase funds for them and redeem the market value. The technologies used here are: NodeJS, Loopback3, NestJs, TypeORM, Nodemailer.
Family Focused Travel Assistant
A ServerLess framework-based PWA which helps you to pick out the perfect hotel according to your preferences. The heart of the project is a Chatbot that sets the preferences for the user trip via Dialog flow.
Travel App
A scalable travel booking platform that extends its capabilities with multivendor support with a composition bus connecting the business microservices with the supplier API's. The services are built on a spring boot framework and microservice architecture. We have used the following: Spring Security module, and Spring Data, maintained and managed by Docker and Kubernetes.