Ajay Kumar

Software Engineer - II
A great team player & attitude towards learning new technology and implementing it in the real world. Having great potential & technical skills which makes better growth for self and Organization.
Full Stack Development
The Most Amazing...
....I have built a fully featured Ecommerce web application from scratch which helps customers to buy products. It has great features like admin can add, update users as well as products and customers can do their payment by any mode of transaction.
Interest & Expertise
  • Web Development
  • Frontend Design
  • Database000
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
React.js, Bootstrap
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript
Cloud Services
State Management
Redux Saga
Bookmark App
A user can create a bookmark and can store according to their convenience. In this project users can create a bookmark, and can manage it in their perspective folders.They can add folders and into that they can create bookmarks. They can add updates and delete it any time. Tech Stack used: React, SASS, Typescript, Redux ReduxSaga.
Ecommerce Web-App.
In this project customers can create their account and buy products and can do payment by PayPal. Customers can buy product as it is ecommerce application .For this project Tech stacks used: React(Frontend), Redux(State Management), Html/CSS, Javascript, Python, Django(Backend/Rest Api)