Afreena Anjum

Afreena Anjum

Software Engineer
A full-stack developer who loves to explore new technologies and curious about how they work. Passion for coding and building logics by self-learning made me transform from being a civil engineer to software engineer.

The most amazing...

... Built an application where users could join remotely and watch videos synchronously and instant message each other.

Interest & Expertise

  • Exploring new technologies
  • Writing modular and clean code
  • Building smooth and scalable applications
  • Design and analysis of algorithms


Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, Dart

RealTime Communication Library

Frontend Framework & Library

Bootstrap 4, React, Wordpress



Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management


Mobile Framework & Library



Sublime Text, VS Code

CSS pre-processor


User Interface Design

Material Design

State Management

Redux, Thunk, Provider

Cloud Services



Android Studio, Postman




Bluetooth Based Kiosk gaming app

A Flutter based game controller application designed for the purpose of communicating with the bluetooth server running in a raspberry pi and showing vital stats of the ongoing gaming arena and controlling it using Bluetooth. To complement this, on the Raspberry Pi, we designed a bluetooth socket server which worked as the other half of the overall project. We developed an LED based game using the RPi, which could be controlled using the mobile app. As an add on to the overall setup, we developed a python based desktop app, to be displayed on a flex sized screen, showing the ongoings in the game, such as the score.

Soccer Game Application

A secured web application made with WordPress and customised with HTML, CSS and Jquery that facilitates registration and login of users, generating QR display cards for players, display of scores based on various filters. Also developed a Secured mobile application made with flutter, which offers various functionalities like connecting and disconnecting the app to the gaming console, manual and QR code-based login for players, display of live scores and leaderboards.

Instant Payment Application

Secured banking application made with flutter, which offers functionalities such as simple yet secure login, bank account management, QR code payments, alerts and notifications, and a lot more of them.

Banking Application

A Flutter based banking application to drive all online banking tasks along with the feature of modern P2P banking like QR code-based payments, direct payments, recursive payments, etc. Alongside biometrics, OTP code and other various security measures.

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