Aditya Kumar

Aditya Kumar

Senior Software Engineer
Full Stack Developer with experience in both Mobile and Web Technologies have worked on Java, Node.Js, React Native, React.Js, Meteor.Js, Feathers.Js and other frameworks like Express.js using development environment like Xcode IDE and React Native Exponent empowering end-to-end development. A Data Sciences and Machine Learning Enthusiast willing to break knowledge barriers to acquire new skills every day.


  • Co-founder of Microsoft Students’ Club, PES Institute of Technology.
  • Represented Department of I.S.E in CRICKET at inter college level.
  • Volunteered as a Disciplinary member of college fest.



MySQL, MongoDB

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, AngularJS, JQuery

Mobile Framework & Library

React Native


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, C, Python

Backend Framework & Library

Express.js, FeathersJs, Meteor

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management



Sublime Text, Atom

CSS pre-processor


State Management

Redux, MobX

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