Aditi Sachan

Graphic Designer
I am a dedicated artist-turned-designer passionate about creating compelling visual communications and producing aesthetically refined content. I take pride in aligning my unique design sensibilities with the design elements specified by clients and developing impactful designs. I love admiring nature and infusing its colors and patterns into my designs. That also inspires the core strengths of my eye for detail and my desire to excel in my work.
Graphic design (Print media and web graphics)
Visual Communication
Logo Design
Product packaging
Market and User Research
The Most Amazing...
....Designed packaging for Conitos DIY Kit under BrandVak. The core focus of the project was to mark its presence on the busy shelf of modern trade. The strategy was to create a color palette for the whole range taking inspiration from the flavors enclosed along with actual product images being used in the packaging to create a sensory experience to target the impulse buying behavior of the customer. Use of informal graphics for the recipe card inside to render a customized emotion and uncomplicated process of wrap preparation.
Interest & Expertise
  • Exploring new Places
  • Producing aesthetically refined content
  • Developing impactful designs
  • Creating designs at par with brand identity
  • Showing close attention to detail
Design Tools
Website banner 2D graphics designs for the articles written by our Geeks.
Have been creating designs that cater to the requirements of the project. Each project has a different brand identity to target, and the requirement is to align the designs with it. For instance, there have been articles on the product mindset of the client, using technological advancements for financial investments, year-end reviews, events in the workplace, etc. Have used logos and the color palette as per brand guidelines, experimented with different font weights and effects, provided a sense of movement by incorporating shadows and gradients into the designs, and much more to make elegant designs that stand out.
Instagram post designs.
Created impactful Instagram post designs that send across the right message. Used elements such as toggle switches, buttons, bold colors, icons, contrasting fonts with background, branding elements, etc., to create minimalistic yet beautifully blended designs that demand the viewers' attention right away.
Minimalist stationery designs to match brand aesthetics.
Created brand-centric designs for various overheads, including letterheads, business cards, diary designs, badges, t-shirt graphics, and sticker designs. The color palette used was in coordination with the brand’s guidelines. Along with communicating the right message, these designs are also easy on the eyes.
Print media designs.
Print media designs with clean aesthetics, contrast solid colors, and effective designs that create impactful printed materials.