Abhishek Shah

Senior Software Engineer - I
A full-stack developer with 2+ years of experience in React, Node.js and MongoDB. BlockChain enthusiast and interested to learn more about private blockchain technology using Hyperledger.
Full-stack developer
The Most Amazing...
....The chat application I built using Socket.io was very interesting. Being a real time application, made it very interesting to work on. I was responsible for the backend part of the application, managing all the events coming from UI and vice-versa.
Interest & Expertise
  • Like music and binge watching Netflix
  • Like to travel
  • Was named as rookie rockstar in previous organization along with one other colleague.
Backend Framework & Library
State Management
Query Language
Frontend Framework & Library
E-commerce website for electronic devices
Verizon is a telecommunications company offering cell phones, wireless plans. They also have an e-commerce website for electronic devices, verizon.com. Worked as a production support engineer. My role was to fix bugs in the website or any missed implementation. Mainly for the digital sales flow. Tech-stack: ReactJS, Redux Saga, Node.js
An influential marketing platform
Spreadd offers ethical, efficient and transparent marketing strategies for all influencers and brands with the support of white label DApp solutions. It is a platform for influential marketing. I was responsible for the backend of the application which used Node.js and MongoDB, instead of REST, used GraphQL for the interaction between UI and Backend. Also built some UI components using storybook. Tech-stack: Node.js, MongoDB, GraphQL, React.
Dating website with Chat application
Online dating website built using Node.js and Angular. Also included inbuilt chat application using Socket.io. I was handling backend in this application using Node.js and MongoDB. Tech-stack: Node.js, MongoDB, Socket.io