Software Engineer
A software engineer good at developing web and mobile applications, interested in learning and implementing new stuff.

The most amazing...

.... Wrote a technical blog about using loading spinners in a react app which has crossed 10K views on medium.

Interest & Expertise

  • Frontend development
  • Mobile applications
  • Web performance


Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js

Frontend Framework & Library



HTML / CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript


MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Version Control


Project Management

JIRA, Trello

State Management

Redux, Redux Saga, Thunk


Insurance App

A mobile application for capturing information of users for insurance policies, with multi-step, dependent forms for the details of the client, spouse and dependents/children. Tech: React Native, Formik.

Teacher’s Diary

An interactive web app that allows teachers to organize and maintain data that they would generally keep in a diary. The app aims to take that diary online, with organizing students based on their classes, and keeping track of their assignment submissions, attendance, tests and marks. Tech stack: React, JavaScript, CSS, MongoDB, Express, GraphQL.

Chat App

An interactive Chat application built using React native, including features like authentication, log in using OTP, text messages, read receipts, status updates screen, creating groups, etc. Tech stack: React Native, Redux, Firebase.

Product Management Application

A React-based admin application for product management of any eCommerce application. Tech stack: React, JavaScript, Redux, ReduxSaga, CSS