Standardized App Development Services

Organizations often build processes and products from scratch. It drains resources, delays the shipping of products, and creates friction in execution.

Our Standardized Services eliminate these scenarios with efficient frameworks and field-tested blueprints.


The Power of Standardized Approaches

GeekyAnts Standardized Solutions helps align engineering, design, and business goals to achieve awesome results. We tailor roadmaps and solutions that guarantee streamlined operations and better cost savings.

Redesigning UX through an AI Bot for a Leading Benefit Corporation

Delivering 1M+ Concurrent User Capacity for a SaaS Leader

Upgrading Pepperfry's Complete Design System in 3 Months

Our Products for Standardizing Development & Design Universally


A universal UI library that provides themed and unstyled components. These components are designed for easy integration into applications developed with React, React Native, Next.js and Expo.

gluestack-ui Pro

100+ pre-built UI screens that eliminate the need to design screens from scratch. Improves project delivery and saves manpower needed.

Plugin System

We have prebuilt plugins, integrating the UI with the backend. The backend is in Nest.js, and the UI is in Expo. Wherever we are using this tech stack, we can bootstrap the project — both front end and back end. This saves at least 200 to 250 hours of manual work.

Estimation Builder

A proprietary tool that maps out the project structure, costings, and engagement model for more effective project engagement. Built by GeekyAnts, this tool speeds up project delivery by eliminating multiple phases of planning.

Figma UI Kit — Open Sourced

We use our exhaustive library of pre-built primitives and variants to improve delivery rates. It also makes Incorporating design systems a breeze.
Currently being used for a prominent MEP contractor, wellness innovation center, and subscription service provider.

Standardization Aligns Every Team

For Engineering & Design Teams

Improved Shipping Timelines

Pre-built, tested, and reusable components reduce resources required to develop new features or applications — ensuring faster product delivery.

Refined Code Quality and Maintainability

Well-documented APIs and established best practices come packaged with Standardized Services. The result is a consistent and reliable codebase that simplifies maintenance (and future upgrades).

Enhanced User Experience

Maintaining consistent user experience and branding is easier with standardized services. For projects where multiple platforms are involved, this means less iterations and better UI/UX for every screen.

For Business Teams & Decision Makers

Reduced Project Costs

By leveraging existing and proven solutions, organizations can avoid the costs of building and maintaining custom infrastructure or services. This can be especially significant for smaller teams or projects with limited resources.

Assured Reliability & Consistency

Standardized Services provide a consistent roadmap to the project. Milestones are clear and challenges are minimal. Never compromise on project timelines again.

Faster Time to Market

Better shipping timelines directly convert to faster launch in the market, without compromising on the uniqueness of the solution. This can be crucial in competitive markets where speed is essential.

Our Suite of Standardized Services

Standardized App Development

We deliver custom applications with streamlined development processes, utilizing standardized frameworks for consistency and efficiency.
Our teams are the minds behind popular UI libraries and open-source solutions like gluestack-ui, NativeBase, and Flutter Gauges. We already have the tools to make your app development ambitions a reality.

Framework Integration & API Development

We assist you in integrating standardized frameworks into their existing systems, optimizing performance, and enhancing overall functionality. We also develop standardized APIs that facilitate smooth communication between different software components.

Scalability Consulting

Wondering how to scale faster in the AI age? We provide consultancy services for increasing digital presence by implementing standardized practices, ensuring seamless growth and adaptability.

Product Standardization

Have a solution or app that needs standardization? We untangle the issues and build the solution to meet specific business requirements, ensuring the project gets standardized and scalable.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Check if your app or product is up to industry scrutiny. Implement our standardized testing methodologies to guarantee the robustness and reliability of applications developed using standardized services.

Technologies We Use — The Latest. The Best. The Most Scalable.