Sahaj Singh Sohal

Software Engineer - I
An enthusiast mobile and web developer, keen to explore new technologies. Always striving for self-improvement and believing in consistency. Little titled towards mobile app development and loves to create user interfaces.
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, Is working with RabbitMQ while making a Live chat service SDK with 3 services, RabbitMQ, and Ably which were not compatible with React-Native, and finding a way to make it work since the SDK was built to work with both web and mobile application.
Interest & Expertise
  • UI Design
  • Tweaking Android OS
  • Mobile Development
  • Writing Scalable Code
  • UI Designing
  • Civilisation History
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • React and React Native course certification from Udemy
  • Participation in Smart India Hackathon (college level)
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,TypeScript
Version Control
Project Management
Cloud Services
Firebase,Cloud Firestore,Firebase Storage,Firebase Messaging
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
State Management
Redux Saga,Context
XCode,Android Studio
Shell Script
Social Media App
Designed a social media app like Instagram.
A social media mobile application for both Android and iOS with much of a muchness like Instagram features present in the original to clicking pictures from the camera and directly posting it to your stories. An app where the user can sign in with Facebook or sign up with credentials, it has the functionality to edit his details, from adding pictures from the gallery and posting it with a wonderful caption even the other users associated with the app can like your posts and add comments to your posted pictures, having an explore screen to view random posts or related to a certain topic, it works seamlessly.
Roles & Responsibility:
1. Integrated authentication
2. Designed the UI
3. Camera Integration
4. Firebase storage, firestore, messaging
5. User Management
Tech Stacks: React Native, Firebase, Redux, Native Base(UI)
Video Call App
A WebRTC-based web and mobile group video call application.
A group video call (1-N peers) app similar to google meet with features such as live chat. Multiple users can join the channel and interact with each other sharing their live video and audio, the user can even interact with a live chat among each other and can even enable or disable their audio, and video depending on their preference.
Role & Responsibility:
1. UI integration
2. Camera and Microphone integration
3. Live chat service
Tech Stacks: React, React Native,, WebRTC