Parul Malhotra

Senior Software Engineer - I
An enthusiastic Backend Developer who loves to experiment and challenge myself. From being a QA to now being a Backend Developer for the last few years, I truly enjoy the tech space. I have been good at picking up new stuff and finding my way forward in solving problems. Curiosity brought me into the development side of things.
The Most Amazing...
....The most interesting thing I have done was brainstorming v2 of the travel-based app. We used Postgres for the database during this phase with the Serverless framework and AWS tech stack.
Interest & Expertise
  • Planning APIs
  • Planning Phase
  • Designing Schema
  • Documenting Use Cases
  • Received the “Building on the Past” award in my last project in Jan’22 for being the one in the team to build new features on the existing app and being an active resource building the v2 of the app.
Backend Framework & Library
Query Language
Frontend Framework & Library
Cloud Services
Task Force Management App
Worked on improving the performance of the existing app which was built using MoleculerJS and GraphQL. I improvised the code wherever possible to improve the API performance. Optimized GraphQL APIs by using libraries like DataLoaders. Also, zipped payloads using gzip and set up the Nginx server.
Travel App
My role in the initial stages was to implement logging through- out the services we had. Also, worked on building a couple of lambda functions for triggering confirmation emails using Sendgrid and AWS lambda. In the second phase, I was one of the two resources who were responsible for building an entirely new service that revolved around building the v2 of the app. We wrote a couple of AWS APIs and used the PostgreSQL database. In the third phase, I was more into research on figuring out whether to use Expedia or TravelGatex as our travel partner basis the APIs they exposed and the performance needed by our app. I also worked on establishing an automated framework to create a template for any kind of email using Sendgrid’s API and NextJs. We aimed at creating different emails using reusable handlebars.