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Keeping The Wealth of The World Secure & Available With Digital Advancements
Our digital explications understand the pedestal on which the Finance sector stands and helps it grow around its one single source, the customer.
Our banking solutions are designed to keep your operations and their safety in mind so that you can deliver an unwavering and unfaltering service to your customers. With the trend of digital banking coming up, our solutions help you maintain your competitive advantage in the market and keep your processes running. With e-wallets and digital currency quickly becoming the new 'normal', it is momentous for the sector to cope with this change and stay relevant to serve your customers more efficiently, especially when they expect round-the-clock banking services at their convenience, and that is where we step in.
User Management
A common module for users to create their profiles and link them to their bank accounts or for existing users to sign in and use the features of the app.
Account Management
A secure workflow for users to manage their bank accounts, check their balance, make transactions, check their transaction histories and request for other services.
Payment Modules
Secure instant payment options for day to day services or to other users using account numbers, QR code scanners and phone numbers, effectively placed for ease of access and maximum security.
Support Module With Chatbots
A separate section dedicated to customer support, where people can get their queries resolved by banking executives or chatbots without having to physically visit the bank.
ATM & Branch Locator
A fully interactive map implementation which locates nearest branches and ATMs using location services to the users location.
Admin Dashboard
A standalone module for admins to manage users of the app, track requests, address issues and issue alerts and notifications.

Solutions Realized

Our work with our partners speaks for our experience and love for the industry. Check out how we have helped our clients achieve their dreams.
An Indian Fintech company wanted to make keeping track of accounts and spending easy for its users.
We helped a fin-tech company build its digital mobile platform to help its users manage their business, ledgers and personal accounts, all within a single platform and easily.
Opened the doors of digital platforms to a leading mortgage handling company and helped digitize their processes, supplementing their business
A leading brand offering mortgaging solutions to its users wanted to move to a more flexible and accessible platform which came in the form of an app for them to deliver their services on, built by us.
A business solutions provider partenerd with us to create a revolutionary PoS system.
We partnered with American Bag Company to create an online e-commerce platform for their insulated products.
Helping a Business capital provider with a digital solution to improve their functions.
We helped a leading business capital providing company shift their operations on a digital platform to reach a wider client base and provide services seamplessly.
A government bank in Azerbaijan introduced an online payment system with our digital solution.
We helped a leading government bank with its first online instant payment portal, that would make it easier for account holders to make payments across the country and have key banking operations at their fingertips.
Supported transitioning of a debt assistance organization to move their services online on mobile platforms
A multi-credit card management platform made its way into a mobile app for its customers to avail their services and manage their debts with our ssistance, thereby increasing throughput and customer base.
Assisted a market leader in AI banking help its customers reap the benefits of smart banking at their fingertips.
We made it possible for a leader in the banking sector in New York introduce its customers to its newest banking solution based on a mobile app and promote convenience and security to its user base.
Made investment banking digital and mobile in collaboration with a real-estate investment firm.
An investment banking company relied on us to help them move to handheld platforms and made a seamless and successful transition to help people invest and grow their money through real-estate.