Fintech App Development Services

Transform your business’s goals into reality with our innovative fintech app development services and solutions. We have the right balance of tech expertise and industry experience to bring your ideas to life.
Fintech App Development Services

Fintech App Development Services Offered by Us

Fintech is a rapidly growing field that is constantly evolving with innovations. In recent years, the area has been segmented into various use. We have developed our services in tune with the advancements and have helped companies develop new ideas and bring them to mainstream business.

Banking App Development

We create applications for banks looking to stay competitive in the market. The Smart Bank concept is our expertise. Prominent features include — easy bank account opening, real-time transactions, saving pots, rewards, salary accounts, international money transfers, and mutual funds.

Personal Finance Management App

Personal finance applications are the new trend and are here to stay. We use the power of AI to transform goal-based planning for users. Key features included are tailored-made portfolio investments, customized goal setting, investment in Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), integration with various platforms, and risk assessment.

Crowd Funding Solution

We can create various crowdfunding solutions — donation-based, reward-based, equity-based, and debt-based. A great example is our collaboration with Milaap, where we built an app with secure payment processing, user registration, and authentication, campaign creation and management, social sharing, and analytics.

Digital Banking Apps

Good user experience is the cornerstone of a banking app’s success. At GeekyAnts, we specialize in enabling businesses to create banking solutions that delight users using emerging technology like AI. Our core strength is understanding user behavior to develop digital solutions that meet customer expectations.

Insurance Solutions

From advancements in onboarding to new post-sales services, the insurance sector has seen rapid growth in fintech innovation. We help businesses leverage these changes with innovative apps and solutions that use artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our Experience in Fintech App Development

For over half a decade, GeekyAnts has been the innovation leader in the financial technology space. We have expanded our portfolio and skills to make a mark in the fintech app development industries in this short span.



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Why Hire GeekyAnts As Your Fintech App Development Company?

Our fintech app development services and expertise range from creating new apps to optimizing existing solutions for the modern-day workflow. Hiring us as your fintech app development company will give you an edge over the competition for various reasons. Some of them are -

User-centric Approach

We build applications that keep the users' needs first without compromising on product vision. Our experts used both data and technology to create a comprehensive solution.

Maximum Security

The apps we build are assured high levels of data security. We are skilled in ensuring our solutions handle customer-sensitive data like biometrics, authentications, or protect code perfectly.

Wide-variety of Payment Integration

We can provide a wide range of payment integration capabilities in the app. Some examples are net-banking features, QR code payments, UPI, and integration with payment wallets.

AI-powered Bots and Solutions

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of building AI-powered assistants and solutions for a fintech business (while ensuring ethical data processing and information usage standards).

Compliance Standards

We have set up a watertight compliance monitoring process that ensures all the apps we create conduct financial data and protect customer data according to compliance norms.

Expert Consultation on Technology

We have a team of fintech experts that can provide strategies on how to leverage emerging technologies and advancements in the industry.

Major Modules to Build Your Custom Fintech App

We provide a wide-range of fintech modules that cover the 360 degrees of the industry requirements. Our fintech app developers also ensure that all the modules incorporated can work together seamlessly on the solution or app.
Campaign Organizer
KYC Process Automation
Send & Request Money
GPS Tracking
Automated Invoicing
QR Code and Bulk Upload Features
Digital Wallet for Online Payments
Intuitive Dashboard to Digitalize Whole Business Operations
Engineering-first strategy with the power of AI

How We Work with You to Build the Best-in-the-Market Fintech App

We follow a proven method for success while staying flexible and receptive to industry changes. Our process also ensures that we accommodate diverse business requirements while meeting targets.

Cutting-Edge Technologies & Tools We Use for Fintech App Development

  • Frontend
  • Backend

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What are the benefits of outsourcing Fintech software development services?

Outsourcing fintech software development services has a lot of advantages. The first and most impactful is cost efficiency. Through outsourcing, you can save huge expenses for hiring and training.
The second advantage of outsourcing is the access to a diversified pool of talent. Take, for example, what happens when you partner with GeekyAnts. We give you access to a huge range of skills and talented professionals with extensive knowledge in the Fintech development space.  

Finally, outsourcing provides flexibility and scalability. This means faster growth and adaptability without the hassle of recruiting and training new staff.

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