Geek Speaks at GeekyAnts

We believe in sharing our knowledge with everyone and that is exactly what we do in our weekly internal geek-speak. Watch our geek speaks below and learn new things with our geeks.
Jan 9, 2018

Introduction to Firebase

This Tech Talk is about Firebase.
Rahula Raj
Nov 6, 2017

Route Resolver

This Tech Talk is about Deep Learning With Route Resolver.
Kumar Ratnam Pandey
Sep 28, 2017

Introduction To CSS Animations

This Tech Talk is about CSS animation.
Aditya Mukesh Thakur
Aug 17, 2017

Google Flutter

This Tech Talk is about Google Flutter, a new mobile app SDK to help developers and designers build modern mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Mukesh Chandra
Aug 9, 2017

Quality Assurance

This Tech Talk is based on the role of QA team in any organization. We have discussed regarding Manual testing, Automation testing and some frameworks, testing tools like Keyword Driven Framework and Cucumber Framework.
Sindhu KP