Customizable Hiring Application

This is an automated hiring application that reduces the need for manual inputs in the evaluation of candidates. It is created using the latest SQL, Redis, Node.JS, and React versions. The application has features of recording interviews, setting automated workflows, creating approval cycles, and sending communication to the candidates.

Product Design

About the Fully Customizable Hiring App

Finding the best talent and forming a good team is more challenging than ever. Companies have to utilize the best technology and automation to stay competitive.

topgeek is designed to meet all the requirements of a modern talent acquisition and HR team. It automates the interview process, simplifies candidate segmentation, and fast-tracks the filtration and evaluation of profiles.

The entire platform is made to cater to companies and teams of all sizes — from recruiters to enterprises. 

Main Modules

Recruitment Modules

Designed for corporates and enterprises, topgeek contains personalized workflows to simplify the recruitment process. Hiring teams can post job openings, track applications real time, use resume parsing, and schedule interviews with candidates and stakeholders.

Evaluation Modules

Recruiters can use the evaluation features of topgeek to fast-track candidate filtering and assessment. The platform contains features for assigning slots, scheduling interviews, gathering details on the quality of application, and tracking progress.


Topgeek was designed to cater to the modern hiring and recruitment workflow. The platform is built to be customizable for any workflow that the hiring team wants to implement. It is also ready-made enough to minimize delays in implementation. The hiring app has the following features:

Candidate Sourcing

Strategize, customize, and optimize your talent sourcing process with topgeek’s candidate sourcing features. 

Recruitment CRM

You can compile and leverage the candidate’s data in any touchpoint of the workflow. The platform contains an in-built CRM.

Referral & Enrichment

Managing referrals is simplified with topgeek. Engage and grow within your organization by running effective referral programs.

AI Recommendations

topgeek allows you to identify suitable candidates 2x faster. It uses AI recommendations to suggest the best type of candidate.

Video Interviews

Evaluate the candidates easily with automated video interviews. You can also conduct video interviews on topgeek, where it is recorded automatically.

Applicant Tracking System

Manage your job listings and applications to a post easily with topgeek. There is a complete flow to check and decide on the approval status of the candidate.

Technologies Used

We used a combination of tech stacks to create a fast application with great UI and UX.



It was used for its reusable UI components and a declarative programming style. React also has strong community support and a good ecosystem of third-party libraries and tools.

Chakra UI

Chakra UI

Chosen for its excellent selection of accessible and customizable UI components for React applications. It also helped make the user interface consistent with minimal CSS code.



This was used as a relational database management system. It was chosen for its reliability, scalability, and compatibility to store and manage the data for the application.



Generally used for real-time data processing, session management, and messaging, Redis helped cache frequently used data to improve application performance.



This was utilized to execute complex searches on big volumes of unstructured data. Its ability to implement full-text search functionality made it perfect for analysis and monitoring.

Apollo GraphQL - GraphQL APIs

Apollo GraphQL - GraphQL APIs

It was chosen for its ability to simplify activities like client-side caching, real-time subscriptions, and schema stitching. It helped us build robust, type-safe APIs.



This was used as the microservices framework. It allowed us to develop, deploy, and scale independently certain important application features.



It was selected for its ability to create scalable, high-performance web applications. Node.JS also allowed us to develop the applications faster without compromising capabilities. 

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How much does it cost to build a recruitment app like LinkedIn?

The cost of building a recruitment app depends on the complexity of the application and the features packed into the app. For example, to create one like LinkedIn, an app that has both networking capabilities and recruitment cycles, there can be a cost of $45,000 to $60,000 for a basic app and up to $100,000+ for a more complex app.

If you are on a budget, you can consider a no-code or low-code platform to build the app. They simplify the process of application development. However, a drawback is that they can be limiting in terms of the efficiency of the application.

You'll want to hire a custom development team for the most flexibility and control over your app. Such a team can build your app exactly as envisioned for a higher price. However, the bigger price tag is a good investment, as you are assured a good application.

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