Customizable Telemedicine App

Contains features for daily use in healthcare and telemedicine-related scenarios like appointment scheduling, prescription management, and video consultation. This customizable healthcare app uses React Native and Next.js for the frontend. The backend is Node.js and PostgreSQL. The app is highly customizable and can be created to accommodate multiple healthcare needs.

Customizable telemedicine and healthcare app

Product Design

Appointments screen of healthcare app

About the Fully Customizable Healthcare App

GeekCare is a one-stop solution for everything healthcare. It can be customized to handle any healthcare solution requirement — telemedicine, clinic management, learning management system, hospital management system, pharma (e‑commerce), and patient portal. 

It makes it simple for patients and physicians to communicate. It contains features for video conferences or chatting with medical professionals. The application interface is created according to the latest trends and tech stacks.

Users can use the application for appointment setting, keeping health records, connecting with doctors, and tracking prescriptions. It is designed to be easily usable by a wide range of demographics. 

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Main Modules

Find Doctors

Users can find doctors by selecting specialization, date, and price. Patients can also view doctor details, education qualifications, ratings, and available slots before booking an appointment.

Book Appointment

Users can book an appointment after reviewing the doctor's details and selecting the date and time slot. It is required to select if they are booking an appointment for themselves or for others.

Manage Appointments

Both members and physicians can cancel and reschedule appointments from their accounts. They can also join the video call and chat during the appointment. The physician can also accept or decline the appointment.

Manage Healthcare Data/EHR/EMR

Members can update their medical history and reports in the application. Doctors can check their healthcare reports and add prescriptions after their appointment.

Video Call

Both members and physicians can connect on a video call or chat session for consultation, and the physician can prescribe medicines.


The physicians can provide consultation to their patients through chat features and share images and documents if required.

Payment Management

Members will be able to track their transactions, and the physicians will be able to track their earnings through the application.


Both members and physicians can raise support tickets to the admin or institution’s email id if they face any issue with the application, payments, or consultation.

Build Your Own Healthcare App with GeekyAnts

You don’t have to build your Healthcare App from scratch. We can help save you time and cost by creating your app on top of GeekCare. 

100% themeable
100% themeable
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2x faster development
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50% cost reduction
Plug-and-play features
Plug-and-play features

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