Oct 6, 2021

What Stellar Post Delivery Support Looks Like

Learn more about why post delivery support is necessary for your app in the long-run
Siri Kaliparambil
Siri KaliparambilTechnical Content Writer

Client satisfaction is fundamental for building a base of a good relationship with the client and it is important that a company stresses on ensuring that a client is satisfied with the services that he has received. It is an important determinant of any future engagements and the quality of interaction that is maintained after the delivery of the project. Including a great system for post delivery support can help to create an environment that is conducive for creating an environment for drawing in customer loyalty while maintaining a harmonious relationship with the client.

What Is Post Delivery Support?

Post delivery support is an extension of the project where the vendor is in charge of providing the client with end-to-end solutions which includes everything from support with maintenance to data services. At a time where the world is seeing massive commercial growth, it is integral that business owners stress on growing the business; post delivery support does just this and provides entrepreneurs with the perfect opportunity to focus on business expansion while the product is taken care of by a third party.

Here are some benefits of post delivery support:

  • Maintaining a software application is a costly venture requiring time and effort not only to maintain the app and its software but also to enhance it by aligning it with changing technological trends.
  • Entrusting an app development company to take charge of the support aspect lessens the burden on business owners to set together a team with the required technical expertise to do the same.
  • Support services also mitigates the hassle of having to set up the app infrastructure as the partner, with his technical know-how, is in charge of ensuring that the app is self-sufficient.
  • Post delivery support also involves providing the business owners with extensive documentation about the scope of the project, i.e. business requirement documents, source file of designs, milestones, and all other particulars.
  • Mitigates the responsibility of having to deploy the application on the stores as this duty is taken care of by the vendor providing post delivery support services.
  • The vendor is responsible for scaling the application and fixing any core quality issues that might arise in the future.
  • It is a win-win situation for both the parties when an app is maintained by the company that has designed it as it leaves business owners free to focus on the success of the product by being monetarily strategic and entrusting partners who have curated and hence know the app in and out.
  • Helps to build productive and benevolent business relationships through effective communication and addressal of feedback and queries.

What Great Post Delivery Support Looks Like

Apps are the holy grail of today's age and they have permeated into every aspect of our lives making it imperative for business owners and app development companies to ensure that their product is nothing less than perfect. It is critical for both parties to proactively collaborate and effectively communicate to ensure that the app is under constant enhancement and is performing well in the stores. There are important considerations to be factored in to ensure a stellar post delivery support system

While great design and development services are pivotal for a great post delivery support system, ensure that the partner app development company incorporates cutting edge cloud management services into their process. The cloud is essentially where everything is stored and it is critical that the infrastructure is flawless to ensure that support services like performance testing, backup and recovery and more are going according to the plan. Work with development giants who are pioneers in their field willing to work with the latest tech stacks as this will guarantee their ability to improve the scalability of the app with the latest technologies.

Collaborate with companies that hold regular audits to ensure security which will help you to avoid vulnerabilities of their network which may lead up to untoward incidents. Work with an organisation that is compliant with the latest standards as this will prevent privacy breaches. Establish an efficient access approval system as this will not only boost the efficiency of processes but also build a transparent environment which lets you have more control over the workflow.

Reliability is critical for any functional business relationship and when post delivery support is involved this can be determined by the way an app development company manages data backup and disaster recovery. Lastly, it always helps to work with an organisation that has experience with working on a similar kind of project as this could be a predictor of what your collaboration will look like going ahead.


As a business owner, it is profitable to invest in such services as regular management and maintenance is key to a successful app but it may not be feasible with the other responsibilities that go into running a company. Having a stellar system for post delivery support goes a long way in troubleshooting any issues that may arise with the application and nip the problem in the bud. We, at GeekyAnts, are working hard at internally developing our services and expanding to cater to DevOps to ensure a perfect system for our clients with end-to-end solutions extending beyond the delivery of a project.

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