Feb 28, 2022

Web3 Remote Meetup | February 2022

Introduction to web3, technologies Of Web3, a guide through the web3 stack, DAOs and much more...
Siri Kaliparambil
Siri KaliparambilTechnical Content Writer

This event held on the 19th of February was a milestone in the tech conferences organised by GeekyAnts. It was the first-ever meetup where developers got together to talk about the next new revolution coming up in the internet- Web3. This set of talks delivered by some of our in-house developers and other industry experts who have experimented in the domain was structured around the next version of the web- Blockchain, and how this decentralized way of storing information is the next big thing for the internet. 

We at GeekyAnts have always yearned to be the early adopters of technologies and we encourage our developers to be a part of this culture of experimenting with what’s new and latest in the development arena. We felt that this was the time to discuss Blockchain and what the entire concept of web3 is based on because we think that this concept will only grow in popularity in the upcoming years. 

Read on to know more about what happened at the event and the important topics discussed, ranging from what the web3 is and the technologies it incorporates to a guide through the tech stacks and what Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are and how they affect the progression of the latest version of the web.

The following is an account of the discussions that took place at the event:

Introduction To Web3: Rishabh Sharma

The event was kickstarted by Rishabh Sharma, an in-house software engineer from GeekyAnts, who introduced the concept of web3 and what it is all about. To explain how it came about, he elucidated on the features of the first two versions of the web, which ran the information through centralized platforms, and then came around to explaining the benefits of web3, which provided for decentralized apps built using Blockchain, which ensured that data was far more secure than ever before. He also spoke about smart contracts, including the ERC20 and the ERC721 contracts, which are also built on Blockchain to be faster, more transparent, and secure while also introducing Solidity, a high-level programming language used by the web3 to create code that can be composed via Ethereum. 

Technologies Of Web3: Saurabh Srivastava

To elucidate further on the previous talk, our next speaker, Saurabh Srivastava, talked about the technologies that make web3 what it is. While we’ve understood that web3 keeps information far more secure, Saurabh discussed the various technological areas that it can impact, including edge computing, decentralized data networks, and artificial intelligence, before explaining some technical terminologies. This session also covered the topic of smart contracts, transactions, and ABIs on web3 along with the various technologies and layers that are used for fast development. He also spoke about the multiple spheres where we can use Blockchain and web 3.0, including finance, NFTs, dApps, and the metaverse. 

A Guide Through The Web3 Stack: Sameer Kashyap

The third segment of the web 3.0 meetup was a talk delivered by Sameer Kashyap, a software engineer from Foxtrot who is passionate about the subject and all things Blockchain. In this talk, he further elucidated the tech stacks used by this version of the web and differentiated how they vary from web 2.0. His talk gears one to set up their first decentralized application by looking at the software changes and how privacy is treated. He spoke about exciting topics like Blockchain networks and the layering involved in it, Blockchain trilemma and how to find the sweet spot, decentralized storage solutions for uploading data on the chains, and protocols to index Blockchain, cross-chain bridge protocols, interoperability and much more. He also touched on dev tooling for a great developer experience and how they can manage and test projects better so that the app deployment is streamlined. 

What Is A DAO And How Do They Work: Viral Sangani

The last talk of the day was delivered by Viral Sangani, an in-house developer from GeekyAnts who has worked with web3. He went a little more into depth about the subject and spoke about cryptocurrency and how transactions can be automated which brings us to the topic of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). He explained the concept of DAO and how they are governance organizations that run based on the tenets set on a particular piece of code that is previously agreed upon. In this talk, he also discussed the key features of a DAO and explained how they run on smart contracts along with some famous examples. He also extensively explained how tokens govern a DAO and how one can obtain such tokens, along with a coding example that was built using two smart contacts. 

The first-ever meetup around this exciting topic of what the web is evolving into was a true gamechanger and brought in perspectives from industry experts who are already experimenting with this latest technology. The event was brought to a close through a Q&A session where the panelists answered the queries of the audience.

You can watch the entire event below: 

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