Aug 5, 2022

The Benefits Of Quality Assurance In Software Development

A read on the importance of QA processes and how they help us to develop great software products
Siri Kaliparambil
Siri KaliparambilTechnical Content Writer

What is quality assurance?

Quality Assurance (QA) is the best way to improve the quality of your software. At GeekyAnts, we integrate this process to ensure that all steps are taken to ensure the quality of products, services or any data we deliver to our customers or clients. QA & software Testing can be done by team members or an independent tester and we have qualified QA testers in place who ensure that the necessary steps are taken to ensure that the software applications we make are functioning meticulously. A professional tester should be able to reproduce bugs, proposals and faults in software but also be able to identify problems that may not have a single solution.

Why do we need QA analysts in software application development?

Your app is the product of your dreams and who wants to see this dream crumbling before their eyes?

So, are you ready to launch your app?

Your first priority should be testing the build thoroughly and getting it approved by your software & app development team.  While working on an app, one of the most important things we, as developers, can do is to make it simple and easy for users to use. This will ensure that your app gets more attention than others.

Once the app idea is approved and the development phase commences, we get the app tested by UI/UX specialists or Beta testers to check for lags. If any bug comes up within this stage, then it is fixed before proceeding further for a successful and well-functioning application.

What are the benefits of software quality assurance?

Here are some advantages that software testing and quality assurance can bring to the app development process:

1. Minimises overhead costs in the app development process

There are many things that can go wrong in development. Making sure that they don't happen is what a software testing & quality assurance process does. When we implement a systematic software quality assurance plan and test cases, the whole team is aware of how to approach their responsibilities, how to run tests and why. Plus, with fast feedback and prioritized fixes, we also save a lot of money throughout the software development process!

2. Enhances the User Experience (UX) of the application

Software quality assurance is a crucial part of the software development cycle. It ensures that code meets certain standards and that the app is functional and bug-free. Without it, we have the probability of often ending up with apps that do not function properly hinders the experience that users have.

3. Results in a robust software application

Software quality assurance is an essential part of the software development process that ensures that products built by software engineers follow the standards of quality and fit expectations. When we include this process into the app development process, we ensure that the code is written correctly, and that testing is performed to catch defects before a release goes live for a successful deployment in the app stores.

4. Quality assurance is necessary for a secure app

Software Testing and quality assurance are essential to ensure that the application will be safe to use. In order to prevent data leaks, it is necessary to test the functioning of the application and its parameters. This ensures that all working components and systems work in unison for the protection of your data throughout your interactions with the application.

5. Reduces time

One of the major advantages that software quality assurance brings to the table is that it reduces the time spent by developers on the entire development process. Our QA analysts ensure that the development of software applications are going as planned by conducting stringent testing throughout the process to ensure that bugs are fixed in a timely manner so that developers can proceed without multiple iterations.


Quality assurance and software testing is a business strategy where QA focuses on testing and quality control, to ensure that the right software that meets the project’s goals comes out the other end. Quality assurance practices are not only a cost saver, but also help build trust and loyalty among our customers. Improved tools and resources have also enabled us to improve our efficiency and cut down on the cost and time spent, by merging manual procedures with automation in order to increase the quality of our projects and decrease costs for our partners.

We use software quality assurance and rigorous testing procedures to ensure that our clients are getting exactly what they paid for and making sure there’s no extra work involved in dealing with unexpected errors.

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