Aug 10, 2022

Critical Mistakes That QA Professionals Should Avoid

Every QA professional must ensure to avoid these critical mistakes that could hinder the quality of the product.
Charmy Dafda
Charmy DafdaTechnical Content Writer

Every successful software development run relies heavily on a strong Quality Assurance (QA) testing team. Discovering the bugs before the software launch is just as important as the complete development process.

Software with bugs and the inability to give the desired results can greatly affect the end-user. Therefore, you require your testing session to go as smoothly and as effectively as possible. Having that in mind, let’s go through the critical mistakes that QA professionals should avoid in their QA testing. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

The Mistakes That QA Professionals Should Avoid Are:

1. Not Employing An Expert

It is astonishing how many companies, and major companies at that, still delegate this crucial task of testing to analysts, or worse still, the developers themselves. That’s like proofreading your own essay!

Along with bringing an objective viewpoint and professional testing expertise, testers are also experts in documentation, which is a crucial aspect of the testing cycle.

2. Rushing Testing Or Skipping It Completely

Failure to give enough time to testing is a major flaw. First of all, a structured testing method is needed. Then, you just cannot start the testing method until the full scope and requirements of what you are testing are comprehended. Often mistakes are borne out of this simply because testing starts too early in the method or because not enough time is provided for the procedure of testing. The latter issue is usually due to the upstreaming procedure bearing down on the testing method– delays in the design or implementation phase will inevitably direct to a shortened testing period in order to beat the ‘live’ deadline.

And what about skipping testing completely? We don’t imply the final testing phase but other necessary testing phases such as regression testing. This should always be conducted after a new feature is implemented to assure that it hasn’t introduced any bugs and that the actual functions continue to function as planned.

3. Communication Breakdown

Communication is essential, both in the development and in the testing phase. One of the most frequent methods this plays out is in communication between the tester and the developer. Usually, a lack of communication, or in some circumstances, bad communication, can lead to developers and testers being at loggerheads as the developer feels attacked, but that is not what the test is about.

If a developer feels intimidated that a tester is picking holes in his or her code, then the tester places the developer on the defensive. What is the outcome? A failure to collaborate. And collaboration is necessary if the team is to function towards the same objective, which is bug-free software.

4. Focusing On Just The Bug Instead Of The Root Cause

Determining the solution for any bug should always lead to the question, why? Root cause analysis (RCA) is important in assuring subsequent releases and cycles go off successfully.

Mistakes must be apprehended, not just recognized, if lessons are to be understood. This is as accurate in testing as in any activity.

5. Disrespecting Job Boundaries

This follows from the communication breakdown that usually happens between developers and testers. Yet this is not the only relationship issue that can happen. Testers must also respect the role of product owners in prioritizing bugs that are discovered. It is the product owner that understands the business objectives and priorities deeply, and so it is them who should call the shots when it comes to what requires to be fixed. Simple respect for where everyone sits within the team maintains a harmonious environment and better testing results.

In the End

Therefore, QA testing is very necessary to build a quality product. It allows for eliminating bugs on time and assures a high quality of the development method and its consequences. Therefore, QA testing should be handled as responsibly as possible. The main thing is to avoid the critical mistakes that are defined in this blog.

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