Aug 2, 2023

Succeeding in the UK App Market: Key Strategies to Follow

Through this article, we offer guidance on key strategies, local preferences, and user trends to help you successfully conquer the UK app market.
Ahona Das
Ahona DasSenior Technical Content Writer

Navigating and succeeding in the competitive UK app market requires a comprehensive approach, understanding the local preferences, and implementing effective strategies. In this blog, we delve deeper into the key strategies to thrive in the UK app market with practical examples, simple explanations, and a focus on the UK audience's interests and trends.

Mobile app development in the Uk

Identifying local preferences, popular trends, and user behaviours is like hunting for treasure. Conduct in-depth market research to uncover the most sought-after app categories and gauge the potential demand for your app concept. To help you get a head start, we have shared some of the most popular mobile apps in the (UK) in March 2023 by average time spent per user in the image below. 

Most popular mobile apps in the United Kingdom (UK)
Source: Statista 

Understanding what types of apps are currently resonating with users and what features they are looking for is the first step to developing a successful app.

Discover how we developed a private social media mobile app for our client Liviit, transitioning their web app to mobile and staying current with the latest trends.

Unlocking App Success With the Ideal Development Partner

Finding the perfect app development company is the magic ingredient for your app's success. They can turn your idea into reality, ensuring it meets your vision and goals. A reliable partner brings technical expertise, creativity, and industry knowledge, streamlining development for a top-notch end product.

To find the ideal partner, research is key. Check their track record, portfolio, and client reviews. Look for expertise, certifications, and tech skills suited to your project's complexities.

Offshoring, or outsourcing app development to countries offering the right skills, is a smart move for many reasons. You can collaborate with skilled teams abroad for cost savings without compromising quality. Offshore companies often have experienced talent, efficient processes, and a customer-first approach. 

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Embracing UK Localisation and Cultural Nuances

Person holding UK umbrella

To win hearts in the UK, your app needs to go beyond speaking the local language. Remember that localisation goes beyond translation; it is about adapting a digital product to fit the target audience's culture, language, and regulations. At GeekyAnts, we prioritise localisation based on the following factors:

  • Focusing on adapting your app's content to fit seamlessly with the cultural preferences and nuances of the target market instead of performing a word-for-word translation
  • Using the correct number formats and currencies that align with the target market's conventions
  • Verifying that the graphics, visuals, colours, and icons used in your app are culturally appropriate and resonate positively with the target audience

This creates a seamless and native experience, promoting easy navigation, understanding, and engagement with your product.

Optimise for Performance and User Experience

UI/UX services ik the UK

In the dynamic UK app market, performance and user experience reign supreme. Our rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) processes ensure that your app loads at warp speed and responds like a loyal friend to every user interaction. Rigorous testing and checks on various devices and operating systems are our secret weapon to ensure a flawless and reliable app.

Integrate familiar features, functionality, and intuitive design elements that users will adore.

We created a fluid and accessible frontend for PayPoint’s app Collect+, one of the UK’s largest parcel networks, ensuring 17%+ growth in their online market presence.

Thriving in the UK app development market demands a savvy approach to local regulations. Ensuring your app's compliance with the relevant laws, regulations, and stringent data privacy policies in the UK is essential to establish a bedrock of security and success. By wholeheartedly embracing local guidelines, you not only demonstrate unwavering commitment but also sow the seeds of trust and credibility among your users. With this steadfast foundation, your app is poised for a journey of resounding success.

Building a secure and legally compliant loan and mortgage planning app for Sprive, a leading fintech company in the UK.

Incorporate Social Proof and Reviews: Trust is Golden

 People giving reviews in the UK

Trust is the currency of any app market, and social proof is your treasure chest. Encourage satisfied customers to shower your app with positive reviews on app stores, showcasing to the world the value and reliability of your digital creation. Flaunt those positive reviews on your app's landing page, leaving a dazzling first impression on potential users.

But beware! Negative reviews can mar your app's reputation. Handle them with grace and swiftness, addressing user concerns and displaying your commitment to delivering a top-notch experience.

Leverage App Store Optimisation (ASO): The Quest for Visibility

In the labyrinth of app stores, visibility is your compass, and App Store Optimisation (ASO) is the path to success. Research keywords to find out the most sought-after search terms among UK users. Sprinkle these magic keywords into your app's title, description, and metadata, catapulting your app to the top of the search results.

A fine example of ASO mastery is using location-specific keywords like "London delivery" or "UK food delivery" to secure the top spot in relevant UK searches.

Consider Localisation for Marketing: Raising the Flag

Marketing in the UK

To capture the hearts of the UK audience, tailor your marketing strategy to embrace British culture and interests. Celebrate UK-centric events, festivals, and sports through your app to keep your audience involved.

Joining forces with local influencers or brands can be a game-changer, amplifying your app's reach and credibility. The UK-based fashion shopping app "ASOS" has aced this strategy, collaborating with popular UK influencers to captivate their target audience effectively.

Monitor and Analyse Performance: The Map to Improvement

Optimising app development performance in the UK

In the quest for app supremacy, there's no room for complacency. Keep a watchful eye on your app's performance metrics and user engagement data, discovering precious insights for improvement. User feedback and reviews are your compass, guiding you to implement updates and enhancements that cater to the needs of your users.

We created a scalable carbon footprint tracker app for the UK-based environmental company Greenr, ensuring an up-to-date and user-centric experience that keeps them ahead of the competition.

Unlocking the Secrets to UK App Market Success with GeekyAnts

The UK App Market: Some Emerging Trends

One of the most significant market trends in recent times is the AI revolution. AI and Machine Learning- integrated apps provide more automated, personalised, and seamless experiences than ever before. The result is a more intuitive and user-centric app experience that enhances satisfaction and engagement. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, businesses are leveraging its potential to create innovative and cutting-edge apps that cater to the ever-changing demands of users.

Winning the App Development Game with GeekyAnts

At GeekyAnts, we are ever committed to keeping up with every emerging technological trend to bring exceptional app development experiences for our clients. Combining our years of app-building expertise with AI-driven initiatives, we create apps that can captivate UK audiences and elevate your brand to new heights. With a focus on localising app content, optimising performance, and adhering to legal compliances, our apps are tailor-made to thrive in the competitive UK market.

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