Feb 25, 2022

Providing Better Nutrition For Canines Through Digitization

This company has digitized how pet essentials are sold in their country. Read more about their offering here.
S Lakshmi
S LakshmiSenior Account Manager


Singling out the best diet plan for your pets and what you can include in it may put you at a point where you have many concerning questions. Are human foods and packaged foods safe for dogs to eat? How can you ensure that the food you provide meets your dog’s dietary requirements? This is barely the tip of the iceberg, and more questions can pop up along the way. Additionally, there aren’t many sources that offer safe, healthy information on what kind of meals you should provide for your dog at home. In such a scenario, what can you do to ensure that you are doing right by your furry friend and giving them the nutrition they deserve?

Here is the one-stop website for all your queries! The pet food delivering company imagined an innovative brand that came up with the idea of revolutionizing nutrition for pets through effective digitization. They help you provide the right nutrition food to your pet and customize the diet plan as per the breed’s requirements. In short, it’s the freshest and healthiest dog food delivered to your doorstep!

About the company:

Amidst the lockdown, people were reluctant to walk down to the market to purchase their pets’ essentials in fear of contracting the deadly virus. Food tops the list of essentials for pets which gave rise to a whole new opportunity to market these products via eCommerce platforms. This caused a surge in on-demand for pet needs and essentials.

Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, the pet food and supplies market of Australia predicted to register a CAGR of 2.7% during the forecast period- 2021-2026. During the pandemic, people started to increase their dependency on online pet food delivery which gives entrepreneurs the boost to create on-demand pet food delivery platforms and that’s how the idea behind the project evolved. This company is on a mission to provide healthy food to your pet at your doorstep and ensure that their nutritional needs are met through their offering- a digital platform for all your pet needs.


NextJS was the tech stack of choice used for the application's Frontend because it improved the performance, SEO, and accessibility. NextJS is a framework built on top of Vue JS and it uses server-side rendering to resolve all the issues related to SEO. To complement this decision, Bootstrap 5 was chosen as the Frontend library to make the web application responsive and user-friendly on browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and on all Android and iOS devices that use this web browser. NextJS also has a sound layout system for re-usability because of which the coding time for the developers is reduced as the layout system is created at one go. 


With fast-paced lives, people don’t have time to cook fresh food for their pets and they tend to rely more on packaged foods. In such times, this company is a godsend for pet parents as it creates a custom plan of nutritious, freshly cooked dog food delivered to your front door to make your life much easier. 

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