Apr 13, 2022

My Sports Family: Digitizing The Sports Bar Experience

We were honoured to collaborate with a unique company trying to digitize the sports bar experience. Read more about their offering here.
Ankit Raj
Ankit RajAccount Manager

Remember how life as we knew it changed when the world got locked down a couple of years ago because of the ongoing pandemic? 

This led to us missing out on hoards of experiences! Simple experiences like dining at the best of restaurants, clubbing with our friends, hiking through those hills, traveling the world, or something as simple as chilling in a local sports bar with like-minded fans became a distant dream. While most of these experiences could not be carried into the digital realm, some innovators worked hard on digitizing these experiences to the best of their capabilities to provide the world with a semblance of normalcy. This is where Jeff saw an opportunity to digitize’ an experience that was considered too physical up to this point- the sports bar experience.

Making a difference in a populated segment!

The CEO of My Sports Family- Jeff, wanted to carve a niche in the immersive sports experience sector all while maintaining the authenticity of a sports bar experience. He realized that the vertical was already oversaturated with sports betting sites and fantasy sports platforms, both doing wonders in their respective segments. The question still remained about what he could do to make the cut to bootstrap a platform next to these giants. After much thought, he realized that the answer was staring at him right in the face. While there are tons of sports betting giants, research led him to the knowledge that there wasn't a platform that provides the best of both worlds which is how the idea of My Sports Family (previously LoyalJoys) was born.

The Idea…

Imagine sitting in a bar, themed with colors, collectibles, pictures, and trinkets of your favorite sports(let’s consider cricket for this instance). Then let us picture the multiple screens in this bar where you are seeing an intense game live with your friends with a bet on the batsman’s next shot. This is when the batsman takes a shot and sends the ball soaring outside the stadium and you realize that the bar is abuzz with cheering and the whole atmosphere is filled with the energy and passion that you share for the game. 

This is the same experience that Jeff wanted to recreate and digitize while carving a niche for his platform in the competitive market.

The App

The digital platform for My Sports Family (formerly known as “Loyaljoys”), delivers everything that is being promised in this article. When you log into the app, you will have to select between traditional fantasy leagues or private leagues with your friends and you can also buy “drinks” or “balls” using digital money. These “drinks” are the in-game currency and are used to bet on contests when using the app. You have to choose a live game from the offerings on the platform to take part in these contests and then you can compete with other teams as well as pick players to form your own team which is pretty similar to other fantasy gaming experiences with the results of the winner being decided on which team collected the most points.

This was how Jeff managed to put together the sports betting experience on a fantasy gaming app that simulates the sports bar experience on a single platform.


As My Sports Family gears up to revolutionize the fantasy gaming space, we wish them all the success in the world. With multiple positive reviews on their application and hundreds of happy users, we are sure that My Sports family will become a forerunner in their space in no time

Learn more about the app here- https://www.mysportsfamily.com/ 

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