Apr 21, 2023

Picking A Mobile App Development Company - 2021 Edition

Everything you need to know and more to go for the best in the business
Digvijay Wanchoo
Digvijay WanchooMarketing & Communication Manager

The high penetration of mobile phones and smart devices into our daily lives is the biggest factor that has influenced the massive growth of the Mobile App Development industry in recent times. Reliance on smartphones and IoT devices for things as little as setting reminders to running industries and manufacturing plants has become a critical part of the ecosystem and app development companies are the ones driving this change into a digital tomorrow.

Since this movement is evident, not everyone is equipped with the skills to make it happen on their own and need some ‘help’. It is also very important to have the security of knowing that the ‘help’ you’re getting is the best in the business, so that you don’t have to deal with delays and cover losses that you might sustain.

I have written a piece on tips that you can use to find the best Mobile App Development Company for your brilliant ideas that you can read here.

This article is meant to add upon those tips and bring about more information that you can use to pick the right mobile app development company for you.

Case Studies

One of the best and most authentic ways to get a deep insight into the processes of a company is through their case studies. The quality of their work, how the company handles projects of different scopes and the professionalism that they possess will be reflected in well written case studies of their previous engagements. 

While going through a case study, look for engagement models that were suggested, technical prowess, the flow of the project and finally customer review and comments. An ideal case study should list all these things and show comprehensive diagrams to explain the project architecture.

We, at GeekyAnts, have a robust list of case studies of our projects that list our project management techniques and display our professionalism in a crisp and direct format. 

Creativity & Quality

In a battle-hardened market where mobile apps are expected to reach a massive 353 billion by this year, it will take a creative spark to start a fire that will stand out and bring your app the attention it deserves. You will need a company that possesses that spark and offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Define the kind of app you want and the exact requirements that it demands. Building a Business Requirement Document can help with that. 

Also look into the expertise of the company and the technologies that they work with. Do they develop end-to-end solutions in-house or outsource some work to other partners? How good are their designing skills? Do they understand your requirements as well as you do?

We put quality at the forefront of everything we do. For that reason, we have in-house teams for design, development and everything in between. We spend a lot of time understanding the vision of our clients and treat them as our own. Nothing that we build is outsourced and bears the ‘GeekyAnts Quality’ that is so well known.

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Company Size

Although size is not a major contributing factor towards the potential of a company, it is important to know if the company would be able to provide enough resources to finish the job on time. It also increases the chances of you getting experts in the domain you want your project to be built. A small sized company may have excellent developers but a combination of experience and skill is a rare find. Large companies have a lot of resources at their disposal and yours as well.

GeekyAnts now houses almost 300 developers who are experts in their technologies and hold a rich experience of working with projects of both small as well as large scale. The sheer variety of technologies that we hold experience in is bound to land you with the best team for your project.

What Should You Focus On?

If you’re looking for a mobile app development company that’s worth your time and money, it is important to do your research and do it well, but it is also important to communicate. Make sure you make notes of what you have read about the company online and cross-verify that information with the company you’re picking. Feel free to talk to the representatives of the organization and ask questions. Ask about their experiences (both good and bad). Ask about their expertise, their engagement models, their processes, their communication channels, post-delivery support and everything that directly affects your product. We, at GeekyAnts, believe in transparency and will help you understand our processes in great depth, so that you can make an informed decision. We hold confidentiality in the highest regard and will make sure that the information you share leaves the room only with you. 

A new year has begun and 2021 is looking promising for new businesses and the mobile app development industry. This is the time to pull your ideas out of your drawers and act on them. You can use the information mentioned above and in this article to pick the best Mobile App Development company for you and hopefully, all these steps will lead you to us. :)

We wish you the best of luck for your hunt.

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