Sep 8, 2023

How GeekyAnts is Creating a Connected Future with Railway IT Integration

Discover how GeekyAnts is shaping the future of railways with seamless IT integration. Explore our innovative solutions for a connected railway ecosystem.
Pradeep S
Pradeep SLead Business Analyst
Pradeep S
ChayanTechnical Content Writer

Railways and similar transportation models continue to be the bedrock of any economy. They offer a unique combination of connectivity, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness essential for growth. Combining them with modern IT advancements, we get a great formula for building a convenient and connected future.

In this blog, we are sharing our experience with the industry and learnings from working on a complex project. The details are taken from a discussion with Pradeep S, lead Business Analyst.

The Crucial Role of IT in Railways

"Technology isn't just a passenger on this journey; it's the engine that propels railways into the future," says Pradeep. He handles high-profile projects related to railway IT integrations. "Imagine personalized travel plans, real-time updates, and seamless ticketing. The magic of IT integration elevates the railway experience," Pradeep adds, citing studies highlighting how IT revolutionizes the rail sector.

According to him, IT orchestrates a symphony of transformation with real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, data-driven decisions, and enhanced passenger experiences.

GeekyAnts X Railway Industry Leaders

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We started our journey in the railway industry with a project for a leading bearing and seal manufacturing company. The requirement was to create a web application that monitored the health of bearings in real-time. Once the web app was completed, we moved on to parts-specific projects.

Axle-boxes: Expanding Horizons

We created an avant-garde dashboard for axle boxes and wheel tracking. This was a challenging project and tested our design and development prowess. "We could track the axle wear and tear in real-time. The dashboard also made it possible to give warnings and predictions of failure," Pradeep points out.

Rail Safety: Tracking Shocks Off the Tracks

"Rail safety took the spotlight as we engineered a track shock detection system," Pradeep explains. “Our custom application translated shock measurements into real-time insights, promptly identifying track disturbances and amplifying safety measures.” Vibration sensors certified for rail use were strategically positioned on axle boxes, vigilantly scanning tracks for seismic shocks.


  1. Custom Apps Enhance Safety: Custom applications can boost rail safety by translating shock measurements into real-time insights. This technology can promptly identify track disturbances.
  2. Real-Time Monitoring Matters: Vibration sensors on axle boxes enable real-time monitoring, enhancing safety by vigilantly scanning tracks for seismic shocks.
  3. Strategic Sensor Placement is Critical: Strategic sensor placement is vital for effective shock detection systems, ensuring timely response to potential disturbances.

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Conquering Challenges, Gaining Expertise

"Challenges were not hurdles but stepping stones in our journey," shares Pradeep. “Managing data volumes, deciphering intricate APIs, and navigating dynamic variables were our major challenges. However, our previous experience with dashboards helped in getting the rough edges sorted.”

Onward to Tomorrow: Embracing the Digital Rails

By mastering web and mobile apps, GeekyAnts plans to revolutionize performance monitoring in real time. Passenger experiences will be redefined through streamlined ticketing and onboard entertainment, underpinned by the GeekyAnts user-centric approach.

"Data analytics will empower railways with insights for resource allocation and safety measures, while seamless system integration will be our forte, ensuring harmonious data flow," says Pradeep.

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