Aug 22, 2023

Metrics to Measure Mobile App Development Success- UK Guide

Do you want to measure how well your mobile app development project in the UK is going? Check out the mobile app metrics and KPIs mentioned in this blog.
Ahona Das
Ahona DasSenior Technical Content Writer

Let's talk about something as crucial to mobile apps as emojis are to our texts—metrics. Those nifty little data points help us determine if our app is rocking the digital runway or tripping over its virtual shoelaces.

Mobile App Metrics Explained

So, what on earth are these "mobile app metrics"? You can think of them as your app's scorecard — the numbers that spill the beans on how many high-fives your app gets (or doesn't get) from users. These numbers dish out info on everything — from how users dive into your app to how it's shaking hands with your bank account.

And they show us exactly how well our app is doing in the digital market.

Why Should You Care About These Numbers?

Picture this: you're setting off on an epic adventure but must bring your trusty map. That's exactly what it is like to develop an app without monitoring these metrics. It is like trying to navigate through a maze while blindfolded. These metrics are like your app's GPS. They guide you toward your business goals.

Some Crucial Questions That Key App Metrics Can Answer

1. Are Users Loving Your App?

Metrics tell you if your app's users are giving it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Are they swiping, tapping, and scrolling through your app with glee, or ghosting it faster than you can say "app-tastic"?

2. Is Your App Making It Rain?

How much money is your app making? Metrics show you if your app is raining cash or just making pocket change. After all, apps aren't just for fun – they must pull their weight in the piggy bank, too.

3. Finding the "Oops" Moments

Nobody likes a party pooper, especially when your app crashes the celebration. Get the scoop on any bugs, glitches, or crashes that might send your users running for the hills.

4. A Heart-to-Heart with Users

Ratings and reviews – it's like your app's very own report card. Is it acing the test or getting a "needs improvement"? Metrics let you peek into your users' minds and see what they really think.

In the spirit of counting, we're just scratching the surface here. There's a whole galaxy of metrics out there, each with its superpower, from figuring out if your app's a hit to ensuring it's keeping all digital dishes intact. In this blog, we are taking a deep dive into these metrics. We will show you how to measure them, why they matter, and how they're the magic wand that can turn your app from "meh" to "marvellous."

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Why Are Strategic Partnerships for Mobile App Development Necessary in the UK?

Strategic Partnerships for Mobile App Development

In the UK mobile app industry, strategic partnerships are now a must. Recent studies show that the UK is one of the most open European countries to offshore IT outsourcing. While the market has potential, more than local expertise is needed. App development partnerships are cost-effective, provide access to a global pool of knowledge and resources, and enhance operational flexibility and scalability, allowing the focused allocation of internal resources to core competencies. App development partnerships go beyond budgets and metrics. They inject experience and innovation into your app's foundation.

Collaborating with external partners is the key to optimizing your mobile app's success in the UK market. By partnering with experienced developers, you can tap into the vast potential of the Total Addressable Market (TAM), Share of Market (SOM), and Serviceable Available Market (SAM) while enhancing your app's operational flexibility and scalability. This strategic partnership is more than just a cost-effective measure; it's an avenue for driving innovation and fostering growth. By bridging geographical gaps and tapping into a global pool of knowledge and resources, you can stay ahead of the competition and ensure your app's success.

Find out how we at GeekyAnts helped the UK's largest billing service provider PayPoint expand its service avenues with their parcel collection platform Collect+. The result?

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10 Key Metrics to Measure Mobile App Development Success

measuring mobile app development success

We're diving into the nitty-gritty of how you measure your app's success, so grab your virtual notepad, and let's get started!

1. User Acquisition Cost (CAC):

  • How to Calculate: Divide your total marketing expenses by the number of new users.
  • How Does It Help: CAC is like your app's spending report card. It tells you if your marketing efforts give you bang for your buck. A low CAC means your money is doing a happy dance, and you're getting more users without breaking the bank.

2. App Store Conversion Rate:

  • How to Calculate: Divide the number of times your app was downloaded by the number of folks who visited your app's store page. Multiply by 100 to get a percentage.
  • Why it is Important: This metric is all about first impressions. A high conversion rate means your app's store page is like a magnetic force that pulls people in. More downloads? More high-fives for your app!

3. Churn Rate:

  • How to Calculate: Divide the number of users left by the total number. Multiply by 100.
  • Why it is Key: Churn rate is your app's telltale sign if folks are giving your app the cold shoulder. High churn means putting on your detective hat and figuring out why users are saying "bye-bye."

4. Retention Rate:

  • How to Calculate: Take the difference between users at the end and new users, divide by users at the start and multiply by 100.
  • Why it is Awesome: This is like measuring user love over time. A high retention rate means people can't get enough of your app. It's like they're saying, "We're here to stay!"

5. Average Session Duration:

  • How to Calculate: Add up all session times and divide by the number of sessions.
  • How it Helps: Consider this your app's attention span gauge. Longer sessions mean people are hanging around, poking and prodding, and really getting to know your app. It's like a digital stamp of approval.

6. Daily Active Users (DAU) and Monthly Active Users (MAU):

  • How to Calculate: Count how many unique users are showing up daily or monthly.
  • Why is it Important: More DAUs and MAUs mean your app is the life of the digital party. Everybody wants to be there!

7. Revenue and Conversion Metrics:

  • How to Calculate: Tally up all your app's earnings from purchases, subscriptions, ads, and whatnot.
  • Why It Is Cool: This metric is like your app's wallet. It lets you see what's putting the cash in your pocket and helps you focus on what's making the big bucks.

8. User Feedback and Ratings:

  • How to Calculate: Take the average of all the stars and reviews your users are showering on your app.
  • How it Helps: Consider this your app's popularity contest. High ratings and sweet reviews mean users are singing your app's praises, and newcomers will trust your app like it's made of gold.

9. Crash and Bug Reports:

  • How to Calculate: Count how often your app trips, stumbles, or faceplants.
  • Why it is Vital: Nobody likes a buggy ride. Low crashes and bugs mean users are gliding through your app like butter, not pulling their hair out.

10. User Journey Analysis:

  • How to Calculate: Study how users navigate your app, where they tap, and what they are up to.
  • Why it Helps: It's like putting on your user's shoes and seeing how they walk in your app. Knowing their steps can fix stumbling blocks and make their experience smoother than a silk slide.


Are you tired of making business decisions based on guesswork? Raw and unsegmented data is your enemy. Clear and well-defined data is crucial for accurate decision-making and eliminating inaccurate guesses. This is where mobile app development success KPIs come in. The ten metrics mentioned above not only evaluate your app's market position but also highlight areas for improvement and provide an overview of your app’s performance.

Analyzing these metrics lets you identify strengths and weaknesses, optimize your strategy, and stay on top of industry trends. Don't settle for guesswork - let the data guide your decisions and take your mobile app development success to the next level.

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