May 12, 2022

GeekyAnts In 2022: Empowering Everyone To Build Things

Let's take some time to reflect on what all we achieved last year and how we aim to empower everyone to build things in 2022.
Charmy Dafda
Charmy DafdaTechnical Content Writer

The year was 2006 when we commenced our journey to realize our dream of creating dynamic IT solutions for businesses worldwide. With an aim to deliver an exceptionally unprecedented client experience, we met people who shared our dreams and walked with us to achieve them. 

Year on year, we have had our combined share of challenges and victories.

After 16 years of surfing over the unpredictable waves of economic reforms, ongoing technology trends, and market fluctuations, we have emerged much stronger than we were initially.

In the year 2020, we did face a tough time, like others, adjusting to the new normal and keeping things going for remote working teams. But in the end, we overcame that hurdle and are now reopening our workplace in a phased manner.

Last year was eventful in terms of the business as well as the professional growth of our employees.

We recently gathered for our Annual Townhall Meeting to review our achievements in the financial year 2021-22 and what we expect to achieve in the coming year.

It would be incomplete to talk about this incredible year without sharing our gratitude for the relentless teams we have across all departments. We are and forever will be thankful for their perseverance and the trust they put in our vision.

Highlights of the year 2021-22

We learned the difference between what it takes to build a company and what more it demands from us to create a great company. We coordinated our efforts with our core belief to provide people with the right tools, skills, and talent to empower them to build great things.

Here are a few eye-catching highlights that sum up last year and showcase our love for what we do.

  • Continued to maintain our dominance, with extensive use, over the core technologies of React, React Native, Flutter, Next.js, Firebase, and more.

  • Revamped GeekyAnts Academy by introducing a free training program aimed at bridging the gap between knowledge and skills development during higher education and the industry's requirements. 

  • Extended design services by successfully building efficient design systems for major communications and retail furniture firms to help them simplify their products.

  • Acquired several new clients and worked closely with them to uncover digital marketing opportunities. 

  • Onboarded over 130 new geeks to add to our enthusiastic workforce along with automating the recruitment process using Topgeek.

  • Introduced automation for project and resource management, asset management, and document signatures to make these processes more efficient.

  • Reached out to the community to share our knowledge of UI/UX designs by hosting a design meetup that was well received. 

  • Streamed several podcasts to enlighten curious community members about our work, new technologies, and thought leadership.

  • Hosted virtual meetups to keep the conversation going about how we do what we do and how it makes a difference in the industry.

Looking back at all these accomplishments makes our hearts swell with pride. We could not have asked for better outcomes, especially when the world was just rising after the pandemic.

After witnessing a remarkably successful year, we do not wish to limit our experience only to mainstream technologies and processes. This year, we aim to dive deeper into new technologies such as Web3 and emphasize comprehensive learning, smooth transitions to process automation, and upgrading our work model.

Some of our targets for next year include

  • We will continue to add to the core processes of GeekyAnts Academy. We aim to organize and deliver helpful information to relevant people as and when required and make GeekyAnts Academy an entity in itself. 

  • We are targeting process enhancements to make employee training and documentation more accessible. 

  • Topgeek, our one-stop solution for all learning needs, will also provide certification programs to validate people’s skills and help them progress in their career paths. 

  • We are working towards transforming our design team into GeekyAnts UX studio that will have its website and social media presence to encourage professional learning and development. 

  • We will restructure our operations to prioritize productized services, promote low-code and no-code devtools, and reduce consulting.  

  • We are implementing well-defined OKRs for all departments to smooth out any roadblocks in the workflow.

  • One of our proud creations, NativeBase, will have a transformation from just being a collection of components to being a universal library. We are working on NativeBase V3 to make it the go-to solution for creating web and mobile apps. 

  • We also will continue to expand our endeavors with React and React Native and the research and development in emerging technologies such as Web3 and AI/ML.

  • We will host more in-person events and meetups throughout the year to continue sharing knowledge and ideas. 

  • We aim to amplify our efforts on the CSR front and give back to the community as a gesture of our gratefulness.

Each year we get a little closer to our aim of providing digital transformation with excellence in skills and services. We have a long road ahead. We are thankful to all of our team members, customers, and partners for staying with us on this journey. We look forward to another productive year where we aim to further our efforts to empower everyone to build things.

Let’s build the future together!

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