Oct 18, 2021

Emerging Trends In Software Development

Learn more about what's new in the software development world through this short exploration
Siri Kaliparambil
Siri KaliparambilTechnical Content Writer

Change is unstoppable and this has affected the software space in the best possible way. Requirements are constantly evolving and it has become critical for developers to adapt and harness the latest technologies to build applications that are relevant. Moreover, apps constantly need to be modified if they are to meet market demands because of which developers constantly need to upskill and keep up with the many up and coming technologies that are being rolled out to build softwares that are truly effective. Here are some of the emerging trends in software development that are revolutionising the app development arena:

Centralised cloud infrastructure

While cloud computing has been around for quite some time now, the paradigm shift to a remote culture presented the need to centralise and streamline this process. A centralised cloud infrastructure is essentially a network where the majority of data as well as the processing power is handled by a central server. Not only does this provide the administrators with more control over what is happening but is also considerably easier to set up and manage making for a truly holistic development experience. Implementing a centralised system for cloud infrastructure is also highly beneficial as it prevents loss of data by filling in security gaps with better encryption practices.

Multi-cloud approach

A trend that is gaining popularity in the software industry is the approach of choosing multiple cloud providers and integrating the desired functionalities to get the best of both worlds. The multi cloud approach provides for flexibility as well as the ability to scale storage options according to the current requirements. Additionally, it provides for better risk management when compared to the traditional method of only using one cloud provider as it is possible to merely switch to another cloud in case of any security issues. Adopting the multi cloud approach also saves businesses from being locked in with one specific vendor by adopting multiple cloud providers for the ideal business solution.

Minimal coding

Another emerging trend that is making the rounds in the tech sphere is adopting minimalism as a philosophy for coding. Minimal coding is done using the least resources possible to design applications without having to write every single line of code. This approach both streamlines and expedites the development process as developers can now use low code development tools to automate certain segments for faster results. Minimal coding is also the most financially prudent option for app development companies as it helps to cut down on hiring costs for devs while also making it possible to build and design more apps in a shorter period of time through automation.


Having gained popularity for its usage with cryptocurrency, Blockchain is a growing phenomenon in the tech industry. It is essentially a database which differs from others in the way that it handles data. A blockchain functions by storing data in blocks using powerful cryptography for increased security and then chained together to make tracking of information easy. The true potential of blockchains is only being tapped now with developers discovering that it can be integrated into multiple scenarios and for various cases making it the future of software development. This useful technology is also highly beneficial for organisations as it helps them to cut down on costs by reducing manual involvement in the way data is managed.


Containerization is a method of virtualizing the operating system by encapsulating software components with its dependencies and other requirements inside a container for increased efficiency through more consistent operations. It is increasingly being used in development environments as it allows for flexibility in routing which is supported by containerization platforms and it can be deployed in varied environments. Another added advantage of using this strategy is that it quickens the development process by allowing developers to track and make changes simultaneously in the source code, hence cutting down on the overall time spent.


Keeping in touch with the latest developments in the tech sphere is crucial for developers as it helps to understand the requirements of an app much better while also enabling them to implement this knowledge practically to build versatile applications. Meanwhile, being updated about tech trends is highly advantageous for entrepreneurs as it provides the arsenal to plan and stay ahead of the competition while also cutting down on any overhead costs by providing strategic comprehension of what to look for when developing an application.

I hope this article has helped you to understand more about some of the trending technologies that are taking over the software industry!

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