Sep 27, 2022

Design Resources 101: Part 1

Here is a list of useful blog design resources that will help you achieve your project deadlines.
ChayanTechnical Content Writer

In this series of articles, we will delve deep into the understanding of how and where to use some clever design resources to enhance your blogs to the best standards.

Below you'll find a curated list of design resources by the senior designer at GeekyAnts, Probin. They will empower you to create better visuals and increase productivity.

All resources are a great starting point for beginners and a nice update for veterans. Let’s check them out.

UX Collective (All in one: the quintessential design blog)

  • The UX Collective acts as an independent design journal and blog which inspires designers to evaluate their work critically.
  • It's essentially a post on Medium titled "UX Collective." It provides you with curated stories on user experience, visuals and product design. 
  • It may also be said to be the go-to platform for designers, mainly due to the UX methodology resources available on the forum, garnished with creative case studies.
  • The platform hosts a lot of seasoned contributors who devote a lot of time to assisting communities. One such instance that resembles this platform a lot is usability geek.
  • Articles we recommend:

Inside Intercom (Curated posts by inter-institutional writers)

Inside Design by Invision (powerful prototyping tool for a variety of stakeholders)

  • Inside Design is a prototyping tool provided by Invision, a popular prototyping tool used for brainstorming, feedback, and mapping by UX designers, HRs, developers, managers, researchers, and marketers. Reading their blogs, articles, and podcasts can help you learn about UI/UX Design.
  • In addition, it offers information on different workflows and designs that are used by various corporate entities. You can also draw inspiration from what they offer for any new projects.
  • Apart from making prototype mockups, they are also actively involved in visual prototypes and wireframes.

Adobe 99u (Less tech, creative thinking in general)

  • All types of creators can benefit from 99U, Adobe's annual conference and professional resource.
  • Their online publication offers advice and pointers on various topics, such as conducting business and balancing work and personal life.
  • It is a fantastic resource for articles about creative design, professional paths, and work-life balance, where one can also find top creative designers discussing their professional journeys and how their ideas came to fruition.

Growth Design (Fun case studies)

  • Case studies from Growth Design help product managers, designers, and marketers improve user experiences.
  • It focuses on design psychology and how some major internet companies are using it to dominate the market.
  • On this platform, there are lovely case studies that can be used to learn about the design of all the apps we use daily.

The Hard Copy (Useful case studies, insights)

  • A platform and consulting firm called The Hard Copy focuses on providing online branding and identity solutions for businesses.
  • Hard copy aids in the development of digital-first brands through their consulting services, tools, templates, and content.
  • They have excellent case studies and a solid portfolio to look over for creative designers. They also discuss the steps involved in creating a brand and the elements needed to create a complete brand experience.

XD Ideas (Informative events and resources)

  • XD Ideas platform is a great tool offered by one of the top tech firms offering design tools in Adobe. For designers looking to unleash their creativity for brand-new projects, XD Ideas is the go-to platform.
  • This site attempts to provide the highest quality material and cutting-edge resources to enable the design community to produce their best work and advance the profession.
  • There is a tonne of articles on this platform that discuss creative ideas, perspectives, and design processes.

UX Tools (Tools and guides for awesome designs)

  • The user experience (UX) tools generate content, including practical guides, the Design Tools Survey, the Design Tools Database, and UX Challenges that aid designers with methods and resources to create user-first experiences.
  • A platform created by designers for designers to assist them with the essential resources that a UX designer needs in daily life, such as What new and practical tools are available in the market, UX challenges to help increase productivity, and learn about various UX-related research techniques and how they are implemented
  • Assist designers in building a solid portfolio and securing employment at some of the top tech firms.


The gap between design and development is being straddled at GeekyAnts. With designs intended to play a critical role in determining the course of this creative effort, we believe in providing more valuable resources to help aspiring and seasoned creators build better and faster.

Watch this space for more blogs on podcast design resources, processes and skills, TED talks, and other vital topics.

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