An application delivering end-to-end healthcare features — appointment scheduling, prescription management, payments and medical history.

About the GeekCare Telemedicine App

Our customer-focused telemedicine app called GeekCare makes it simple for patients and physicians to communicate. Through video conferences or chat services, patients may consult with doctors located anywhere around the globe whilst seated at home.

GeekCare makes it possible for virtual medical exams to mirror in-person appointments.

Aspects of the product, like appointment scheduling and video consultation tools, drastically minimize the need for physical presence. 

With the help of systems for managing prescriptions and patient medical histories, the entire structure is managed efficiently.

Features offered

Apart from delivering a comprehensive health check-up experience, GeekCare has a bunch of other good features to offer. Some of them :

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Video and chat services
  • Prescription management
  • Storing the medical history of the patient
  • Payments
  • Help and support


Doctors may utilise the online portal and mobile apps to manage their schedules, appointments, video calls/chats with patients, and earnings.
Patients may plan appointments, view health information, make payments, and communicate with doctors through video conference or chat using both the web and mobile apps.
The admin portal is a web tool that allows administrators to manage physicians, patients, and earnings, give assistance and support, install and manage sub-admin roles and access, and so on.

Tech Stack

A tech stack entails two equally significant components: the frontend (client-facing) and the backend (server-side) tech stack. Both of these components work in collaboration to create a functioning tech stack.

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