Weekend Challenge

Presenting our Weekend Challenges. Every Friday, we announce a hackathon-style competition where our developers can compete to provide the best solution for a problem statement. Top submissions win exciting prizes and are forever immoratlized in the hall of fame!

Week Two

Fix the issues with NativeBase!

Our in-house, open-source UI component library, NativeBase can be used for Android, iOS, and web apps.

As part of the next weekend challenge, we asked our developers to make it even better, and we're super happy to announce Gilbish Kosma as the winner.

Thank you very much Gilbish!

Gilbish Kosma

Week One

Git commit message hooks challenge

The Problem

For devs, filling out timesheets every day is a little tiring because of the sheer number of tasks they have throughout the day. This week’s challenge stood to help solve this problem by automating it.

The Winning Solution

The winner Sandeep Takasi’s solution was to create a script to automate the commit-msg hook in the project’s .git folder in such a way that it checks if the commit message matches the required pattern.

If it’s a match, it extracts the necessary data from the commit message which is later used to log the timesheet. In essence, write commit messages and skip filling the timesheets. What a win-win!

Takasi Venkata Sandeep