Weekend Challenge

Presenting our Weekend Challenges. Every Friday, we announce a hackathon-style competition where our developers can compete to provide the best solution for a problem statement. Top submissions win exciting prizes and are forever immoratlized in the hall of fame!

Week Eight

React Native Animation

We challenged our geeks to create an animating card, elements on which move in response to the touch input, and give a 3D effect.

Our geeks took up the challenge, and came back with amazing results, but geek Arun's submission turned out to be the most visually pleasing one, and made him the winner.

Check out the video below, to see!

Arun P

Week Seven

Classic Snake Mobile Game

Do you remember the numerous hours, you've spent playing the Snake mobile game? It was a simple one, yet we loved it like anything!

Our geek Hemanth Kumar, in his latest project, has captured the essence of the OG Snake mobile game amazingly well, and also won this weekend challenge.

Check out the attached video, and let the nostalgia hit!

Hemanth Kumar B

Week Six


You all know about Pac-Man, right? At some point in life, we all have played some version of it or the other, and being the OG video game, it is always fun!

The winner of the last week's weekend challenge, Vinod Khadka took things a notch higher, building a version of it in Flutter, that hits just the right nerve to take you back to the old days! 🔥

Amazing work Vinod! 🤩

Vinod Bhim Singh Khadka

Week Five

Build the Chrome Dino Game

What do you do on a weekend? Go out? Sleep in? Binge-watch your favorite show? Play video games?

We thought that's what our geeks do too, but last weekend, our geeks did something super duper cool.

Deepak Gupta, Principal Software Engineer - I, developed a fully functioning replica of the popular Chrome Dino game with all the bells and whistles.

How cool is that?

Deepak Gupta

Week Four

Create an RSS Indicator!

We asked our Geeks to build a CLI tool that could notify the user via a Slack notification, if the RSSI (received signal strength indicator) of the network to which the user's system is connected, falls below -67 dBm. Do note, that -67 dBm is the lowest value that will deliver acceptable results for most online services.

Our Geek Venkata Sandeep Takasi aced the challenge by not only coming up with the most amazing solution to the problem but by actually developing a Mac app with that functionality. Once the UI development of the app is done, we plan to roll it out to everyone on the internet.

Check out the video below to see it in action!

Takasi Venkata Sandeep

Week Three

A Google Photos like movie maker for your photos!

We love challenging our geeks and last weekend we asked them to create a mini version of Google Photos.

Mukul Pahwa stepped up to the occasion and came up with this beautiful piece of code that takes photos as the input, and categorizes them based on the mood/emotion of the photos (for example all dog photos together, or all nature-related pictures in one group), adds appropriate music to it and creates a montage for you.

What a great job!

Mukul Pahwa