Vishal Chhabra

Software Engineer
An enthusiastic full stack developer who is focused on backend development with an interest in automation, IoT & web security domain. Loves to solve real-world problems and is motivated towards delivering good quality products.
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....Architecture and functional implementation for multi-level object mapping to view the hierarchy of resources.
Interest & Expertise
  • Backend Development.
  • Security Oriented.
  • Automation.
  • IoT.
  • Conducted a Hacking Workshop in College .
  • Attended a Cloud Tech Workshop in IIT Kanpur.
Backend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,PHP
Frontend Framework & Library
Version Control
Project Management
State Management
MobX,Redux Saga
Cloud Services
AWS S3,Firebase Storage
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Shell Script
Visual Studio Code,Sublime
Management Portal
A web portal that deals with day-to-day tasks management related to employees (Asset management, Leave management, Resource allocation, Salary processing, etc.). The application has been developed using jQuery, Vanilla JS and PHP.
Tech stack used: Laravel & MySQL.
Social Network Aggregator
Web app to aggregate all social media profiles of users under a single profile, creating a widget that can be embedded on any web page & can be used to access all platforms by other users. The application has been developed using React with ExpressJs.
Tech stack used: NodeJs, React, Redux.
Music Platform & Marketplace
A social media platform for musicians & artists to share their creations with their followers and a digital service marketplace to connect service providers with customers. Services can be filtered based on type, location, due date, etc. The application has been developed using React with Laravel.
Tech stack used: React, Redux, Laravel.
Feedback Platform
Platform to provide continuous feedback to other employees within an organization and a portal to assign and manage tasks & business flow with multiple steps with an analytics view. The application has been developed using Angular with Laravel.
Tech stack used: Laravel, PhoneGap, Angular & MySQL.
Car Subscription Platform
A web app that helps car dealers to provide their vehicles with subscription services. Customers can use cars with a subscription model. Tech stack used: Laravel
Social Platform
A React Native application to assist families and communities to manage their lives and relationships in a safe, secure and private environment online. It includes a feat. like synchronized calendar events, vault, multi-user multi-level to-do list, feeds, shared files & music, direct & group messaging with the call, and topic/location-based community creation. The application has been developed using React Native using Expo.
Tech stack used: Laravel, React Native, MySQL