Vikas Kumar

Software Engineer - I
An enthusiastic developer who is always eager to learn, innovate and build great software products to make lives better. Currently striving to be an all-around developer by learning new technologies and trying to keep challenging my abilities to be a better version of myself.
The Most Amazing...
....Built a feature that was better than the biggest competitor in the market. The feature was to launch an app automatically whenever the server sends a push regardless if the app is killed/removed from RAM or the phone is locked.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile App Development.
  • Architectural App Code Design.
  • Making good use of SOLID principles.
  • Writing Scalable Code.
  • Open source contribution.
  • Got 7th place in Electrothon (An all India competition for innovative ideas held at NIT Hamirpur).
  • Won best Swachh Bharat Volunteer award in college.
  • Won Lan gaming contest in college fest.
Backend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,Python,C++,Dart
Version Control
Project Management
Mobile Framework & Library
Sublime Text,Visual Studio Code,Jupyter Notebook
Frontend Framework & Library
Cloud Services
Azure,Cloud Firestore,Firebase Storage,Firebase Messaging,AWS ( S3, CloudFront , Route53 Certificate Manager )
Android Studio,ClickUp,X-Code,IntelliJ,Kibana,Figma,Airtable,Wordpress
State Management
Shell Script
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
A Super App
An Artificial Intelligence platform built to be contextual and proactive, providing businesses the tools to develop human-like conversational experiences to perform tasks like sending email, booking hotels/flights/Cab, reading news, listening to music, and maintaining an overall synchronization in one's lifestyle. This project gives us a very good understanding of mono-repo architecture and high-level system design.
Animate Gradient
An open-source package deployed on to switch between gradients gracefully.
Easy Coding
An open-source package deployed on This contains some of the widgets/extension/functions to make coding extremely simple in a flutter.
Grocery Application
It has three panels- user, merchant, and admin. User application includes shop listing, product filtering, product searching, pagination, and in-app cart functionality. Integrated the Paytm payments gateway. The users were able to buy groceries from the local shops available near them. The merchants were able to perform CRUD on their products, see expenses, and get notified of low product quantity.
Social Media Application for school and college students
A social media application where users were able to post different types of posts like text, video, images, etc. This application was built for students to collaborate with each other and take part in various events or create competitions etc. It contains chatting functionality implemented using firebase firestore. Also, it has a video chatting feature implemented using agora for online discussions. And users were also getting push notifications which were implemented using firebase messaging for the notifications.
Cab Service Software
This project includes Super Admin Panel, Admin Panel, A website, Driver app, and User app. Everything was done on flutter including the web panels. This project gave me a chance to learn about sockets and a very deep understanding of streams and asynchronous programming.
Quiz App
A Fullstack app built using Flutter (front-end) and NodeJs (backend) It was built using riverpod as a state management technique and ExpressJs for the server-side code.