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Emerging Trends in E commerce

With the rise of internet, one aspect that completely changed, is the way people buy things. eCommerce as an industry has constantly been on the rise. So much so, that by 2023, eCommerce is expected to account for over 20% of all the retail sales worldwide. This shows that the industry is growing rapidly, and also turning more and more competitive by the day. Watch this video, as our experts highlight the trends in the industry, and share their experience of working with some of the top players in the arena.

Emerging Trends in Manufacturing

With a fast-growing demand for automation, robotics, and better prices for larger corporations and assembly line production, we find that the importance of manufacturers is stronger than ever. This video has our experts highlighting some of the current trends in manufacturing, with an emphasis on what makes manufacturing so appealing to entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to adapt to the ever-changing world around them.

Emerging Trends in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly! In such a scenario, the level of expertise that healthtech solution builders need to possess, as well as demonstrate in order to enable the healthcare pioneers to serve well, is a challenge in itself. But, we are ready for that challenge. With years of experience in the space, we're well-equipped to design and develop custom healthcare apps, that fit your requirements, just the right way. Let's transform the world for the better, together!

Emerging Trends in FinTech

we will talk about Digital Finance and the robust products GeekyAnts has built in the finance domain.