Design @ GeekyAnts

We're developers by profession but artists at heart. We build beautiful apps and immaculate experiences using next-gen design standards and trends to keep you relevant.

How we started with UX Design

Staring designing to solve the lack of creativity on the design side for some development projects.
This made us realise the inclination for design was always there, but it was formalised once we realised that we could do more in this space.
Another huge reason was that clients always appreciated our website (old) which was designed by us.
So what started as small improvements in client designs, turned into a full fledged section of our product studio with solid design philosophies and capabilities!


Adobe XD


After Effects



Our Design Process

Innovation and research drives our simple design process to deliver future ready interfaces and tailored experiences for users.

UX Research

An ideal experience determines the success of an app. Our research considers future trends as well as every stakeholder of the app.

  • Project Overview

  • Initial Assumptions

  • User Interviews

  • Wireframing

  • Identifying pain-points

  • User Persona

  • Stakeholder Interview

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Brainstorming

  • Information Architecture

  • Empathy Map


Logo & Branding

Your brand is your identity. We understand the voice and vision of your app to create a brand that speaks for you.

  • logo

  • Brand Color

  • Typography

Visual Design

We take ideas & wireframes and build them into visually pleasing screens using the best design systems.

  • Visual Designs (UI)

  • Brand Guidelines/Design System