Tanish Bawa

Software Engineer - II
JavaScript developer with experience in ReactJs, React Native and redux. Passionate to build games using unity. My aim is to build something that makes people's lives easier.
React Native
Power automate
Logic apps
The Most Amazing...
....I've made a mobile game with my own concept using unity3d. It was a two player game and both players win if they are able to complete all the levels. They can win only if they are coordinating well with each other.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile application development
  • AR/VR technologies
  • Game development
  • Frontend development
  • Done course on big-data from Udacity.
  • Done a course on SPFx from udemy.
  • Done a course on UI/UX from coursera.
Frontend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript
State Management
Cloud Services
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
An expense tracker app.
This app is built for android and ios platforms using react native. Using this app one can see the expenses done in the past and also keep track of the money spent by setting a monthly budget. State is managed by using Redux and redux saga is used as a middleware. This app is also integrated with firebase. Native-base is also used as a component library.
Prayers Application
An app which sheds a light and make people aware regarding christian’s getting persecuted in different countries. It offers different prayers which can be used to keep a calm. The app also offers a platform from where we can help persecuted christian’s by donating. Tech stack used in this app was react-native, typescript, redux, redux-saga, firebase, auth0, stripe, appsflyer, briteverify.
Meals buying app - One can buy meals using this app.
This is a react based app. A person can view a list of meals and add some of them to cart accordingly. Selected meals can be seen in the cart and there we can increase and decrease the quantity of the particular meal and price will be changed accordingly. After ordering the data fetched from the person via input form is stored in firebase. Redux toolkit is used to maintain the state.