Shah Disha Maheshbhai

Senior Software Engineer - III
An iOS Developer with experience in iOS & swift, passionate about developing native mobile applications. I am dedicated to perfecting my craft by learning from more seasoned professionals, remaining humble, and continuously making strides to learn all that I can about development.
iOS Developer
Objective C
The Most Amazing...
....thing that I have done a DatePicker UI component which allows users to select dates, events and DOB with just importing the DatePicker API.
Interest & Expertise
  • Quick learner
  • Love to learn new things
  • Great problem-solving skills
  • Recognized as an best performer of the month in one of my past organizations.
  • Achieved certifications in college for dancing and sketching.
Mobile Framework & Library
iOS Native (Objective C, Swift)
Cloud Services
Firebase,Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM)
Google Analytics
Google AdWords
Firebase Analytics
UI Component SDK
Creating UI components for the SDK with different native UI elements such as button, label, dropdown, datepicker etc. Swift was used to build this project.
Social App
It combines social media, social networking, and also helps in making moves into one platform, which shares your day-to-day moves while expressing yourself socially.
Tech stacks used to build this project - Swift
Fintech App
It is the first payment platform and corporate card tailored for global startups. Pay for anything - even where cards aren't accepted. Tech stacks used - Swift
E-commerce Items Rental App
It is a community-driven peer to peer environmental-rental platform, connecting users with assets to those who need them anytime, anywhere. Rent anything from bikes to camping gear, party supplies to camera gear, boats to skis. Whatever it is, you'll find it on the App.
Tech stacks used to build this project - Swift
E-commerce Coupon purchase App
It is an integrated blockchain coupon and group-buy platform in Hong Kong with unique features of high security, immutable, unduplicable, non- falsifiable, instant transfer and resale, as well as value creation through chatting, social media sharing and data analytics.
Tech stacks used to build this project - Swift
Navigation App
The App allows the driver to stay up to date with the latest information concerning the load they are hauling. With this App you can know the latest route instructions, check in automatically, or stay in contact with the Shipper. As a driver, everything you need is real-time and available with just a click of a button.
Tech stacks used to build this project - Swift