Web3 @ GeekyAnts

We are developers of ultra-modern Web3 solutions. We build evolving web apps based on peer-to-peer decentralised networks to help you soar above the competition.

What is Web 3.0?

Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web in view of blockchain technology. It is focused on web interaction and will limit, as well as control user content, turning the web into a massive database, that keeps user data secure and private.

Web 3.0 is the next stage of the web evolution that would make the internet more intelligent or process information with near-human-like intelligence through the power of AI systems that could run smart programs to assist users.

It will empower us to interact with any individual or machine on the planet, without going through the expense of charging middlemen. This shift will empower an entirely different wave of previously unimaginable businesses and business models

Components of Web 3.0

No single point of faliure.
Web3 is decentralised in nature, where there is no central host, particularly for data.
Web3 follows Trustlessness.
Code in the blockchain is immutable.
Web3 is Permissionless.
Web3 is Ubiquitous
Web3 also bases itself on Artificial Intelligence.

How we started with Web3?

Ever since the inception of Web3, we’ve been closely working in the space by building various products in-house and developed Web3 based solutions for our clients.

In the community, we conduct meet-ups and conferences about Web3 and talk about the extensive work that we do in Web3, as well as the updates in the space and bring to light every new development.

We’re also high on research in the Web3 department, experimenting with various technologies in the sphere and building and breaking stuff.