Saurabh Kumar

Software Engineer - III
Software Engineer and tech enthusiast who is always ready to learn and grow. A self-motivated person who loves to build mobile/web applications using the latest tech stack such as React Native, NodeJs, and MongoDB.
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....Contributed to an Open source project along with GSOC participants named Anna Assistant that also got featured in Product Hunt, and was ranked 3rd in Product of the Day (Product Hunt).
Interest & Expertise
  • Writing Scalable Code.
  • Functional Programming.
  • Exploring New Technologies.
  • Writing Blogs.
  • Received an offer from Coding Ninjas for the position of TA.
  • Achieved Top Performer in the Coding Ninjas’ Full Stack Web Development - MERN Stack course.
  • Winner of Odessa Hiring Hackathon 2020.
  • CSE Branch Topper in the year 2016-2017 and Top Performer in 2018.
  • Being Selected in the University’s Scholarship Merit List for 4 consecutive years.
Backend Framework & Library
Node.js, Express.js
MongoDB, HTML5 Web Storage, SQL Server
Version Control
Java, C, C#, TypeScript
CSS pre-processor
VS Code
Frontend Framework & Library
Bootstrap, React, SWR, Tailwind CSS, JS (ES6), CSS3.0
Cloud Services
Firebase, Firestore
Eslint, Prettier
Testing Frameworks & Library
Jest, Enzyme
State Management
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Gitlab CI, Husky
Neo Banking App
They have developed a cross-platform mobile app for one of India's neo banking startups using React Native and Typescript.
Role and Responsibilities - Added features and created custom UI with animations. Also worked on complete end-to-end Rewards Section revamp with enhanced UI/UX.
Tech: React Native, Typescript, SWR.
Social Media App
We have developed a social media app using React. Used Redux for state management and Web sockets to include chatting mechanisms. This app allows users to log in via Google Account and add posts, like /comment on others’ posts or send a connection request.
Tech: React, Redux, WebSocket, MongoDB.
An excellent iPod consists of a menu of options like you see such as settings, games, music, etc. On clicking the center button go inside the menu while clicking on the menu should hide the menu and open a screen of that particular option, like settings, games, etc.
Tech: React, ZingTouch.
Anna is a community-driven ambitious virtual assistant on Google Chrome to help people Automate actions using Voice.
Role and Responsibilities - Automate Incognito mode, block events in the calendar, add a bookmark, delete history and open switch between opened tabs, and more using voice control. Tasks Accomplished: Made 20+ commits with 500+ Lines of Code addition for the project.
Tech: JS, Chrome Extension, DialogFlow.
Test Tool
Worked on Odessa’s Product Odessa Test – a desktop application built on WPF MVVM that is used for regression execution and complex super scenario testing.
Role and Responsibilities - Introduced new features such as Generating Test Automation script from DB into XAML file, implemented refresh functionality, resolved bugs, and worked on UI Enhancements of the tool.
Tech: WPF, SQL Server ,LINQ, Syncfusion
Leasing Application
Worked for one of the top computer hardware companies dealing with personal laptops etc, to provide leasing solutions.
Role and Responsibilities - Incorporated pricing feature and ease the leasing workflow steps by working on a workflow and manual actions. Also, revamped the existing proposal module to be in sync with the client's requirements.
Tech: C#, SQL Server, Odessa.