Sarulatha A

Software Engineer - II
Curious and enthusiastic developer having experience in developing both frontend of mobile and web platforms. Skilled in enhancing product’s user experience and performance.
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, I am one of the few developers in India who worked in the integration of the Account Aggregator framework in a fintech app.
Interest & Expertise
  • Science and Technology
  • Reading technical blogs
  • Painting
  • React workshop
  • Participated in a 48 hr Hackathon conducted by YAH
  • Organized symposium of our college and key developer in building the site
MySQL, MongoDB
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
React.js, React, Vue
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, TypeScript
Version Control
Git, GitLab, GitHub
Project Management
VS Code
State Management
Redux, Redux Saga, XState
Cloud Services
Testing Frameworks & Library
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Design Tools
Animation Libraries
React Native Reanimated, React Native Skia
Mobile App for India’s Fintech startup
It is one of the key players of neo banks in India. It takes care of personal finance management from managing stocks to tracking your spending across different bank accounts.
Roles & Responsibilities:
1. I integrated the Account Aggregator framework which aggregates all of the user accounts. With the help of this users can track all their bank balances and expenditure across different accounts.
2. Revamped insights that track spending across different banks.
3. Restructured the entire flow of the vertical.
Tech stacks used are React, React Native, Reanimated, Xstate, and SWR
Bank Mobile App
Building a mobile app that enables users to invest and trade in both stocks and mutual funds.
Roles & Responsibilities:
1. I set up the testing environment and guided other devs in writing unit test cases for the app.
2. I worked in the social section which is like Twitter where users can share their thoughts in posts and stories.
3. In social I implemented the story mechanism like Instagram, and I contributed to story view animation, story creation, and performance optimization of that feature.
4. I refactored code in the social module to increase the performance of our module significantly.
Tech stacks used are React Native, Reanimated, Redux and Redux-saga
Online Food Ordering App
Users can order food, and track and see their order history. This is an app similar to Zomato or Swiggy, the food-ordering app giants. The app has two users: Admin and End User where admins have the privilege of adding restaurants and menus respectively.
Tech stack used are React Native, Redux, Redux-Saga & Firebase