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A Sketch-like design tool that can write React Native code for you. Build beautiful apps as easily as drag & drop. BuilderX is a desktop Mac app that will replace the traditional UX design tools. We created BuilderX to achieve our dream of bringing the Designer and the Developer to the same source file. Use this awesome tool to design without any boundaries and simultaneously generate beautiful, readable and editable code.
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An open-source contribution by GeekyAnts. NativeBase is cross platform UI components for React Native to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. NativeBase will make it easier to theme the components with very little changes to the components themselves. NativeBase helps you drastically move forward at a higher pace and saves the development time.
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A great place to start your React Native project. React Native Seed will generate your favourite starter project for React Native, all with your choice of static type-checker, state management library and a stack.
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One-stop market for trusted React Native Apps & Components. Buy React Native Starter Kits, Full Apps, UI Themes and Animations.
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We are a team of creative, talented, highly qualified React and React Native top prof- essionals with proven track record of expertise in the domain, completely equipped to help launch your project
Starting point for your React Native Project. React Native Seed provides you React Native starter kits for your base app with the technologies that you love.
Start Flutter is a library of free to download Flutter templates. All themes are open source for any use, even commercial. Download what you like and get started!
Admin Dashboard template which we have rewritten it in Angular which is open sourced at `www` & easily available for the community to use for free.
Start Laravel is a library of free to download Bootstrap 3 themes and templates. Our themes are open source for any use, even commercial
Start React is an open source library of free to download React.js themes and templates which are highly extensible and ready to use for the developers community.
StartMeteorJS is a library of free to download MeteorJS Admin dashboard themes and tem- plates.Forever free, open source and easy to use.
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