Prithvi Khanna

Software Engineer III
A Full Stack Developer who is passionate about delivering optimal solutions to your problems. He loves to face challenges and strive for excellence. A self-learner who believes in trying new things and developing skills. He is a crazy beatboxer and a motorcycle enthusiast by heart.
React Native
Spring boot
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, Developed a learning module in a financial app where users can learn through podcasts and courses along with certifications in different languages so that they can land into the world of finance in a better way.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Object-Oriented programming
  • Web Dashboard Applications
  • Backend Development
  • Coursera Certification in AWS Fundamentals
  • PEC FEST (2018) - 1st Prize in the Showcase Talent Competition
  • PEC FEST (2018) - 2nd Prize in an Instrumental Music Competition
  • THAPAR FEST (2018) - 2nd Prize in an Instrumental Music Competition
MySQL, OracleDB
Frontend Framework & Library
React.js, AngularJS, Bootstrap 4
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, C++, TypeScript
Version Control
Git, GitHub, Bitbucket
Project Management
JIRA, Trello
VS Code
Cloud Services
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
XCode, Android Studio, Postman
Backend Framework & Library
Spring Boot based microservices
Multi-Purpose Finance App
A fully-fledged financial app from offering users to learn and do certification through various courses in different financial domains to investing in stocks and mutual funds, from providing a social platform to connect with one another to share their favorite podcasts and courses. It also calculates the risk profile of a user depending on his risk-taking abilities. Users can also apply for personal loans.
Lastly, yet the most interesting part, it contains a games section where users can compete against one another and earn while they learn.
Technologies used: React Rative, Redux-toolkit, Native Android, Expo, Firebase, Jest
Songs Composing App
The application where users can create their own tracks/songs by mixing and mastering. The app provides various tools and effects ranging in different genres from which users can choose and apply according to their taste in music.
It also creates a social network amongst musicians throughout the globe to connect with one another and listen to their masterpieces.
Technologies used: JUCE, ,ReactJS, React Native, Redux, Saga
Mutual Funds Investment App
A mobile application to ease the mutual fund's investment procedures.
The application provides services like customer account information, authentication, and KYC, real-time fund performance chart, bank selection processes, secure transaction handling.
Technologies used: ReactJS, React Native, Redux-toolkit, Saga, Typescript, Firebase, Jest
Individual Investor Mobile App
A mobile application where an investor can register his/her investment account and secure it with features like biometric login ( face ID and Touch ID ). The app gives services to Buy / Sell mutual fund investments, user’s account tracking, bank management features, and update profile settings. The application comes with the unique feature of accessibility to make it more user-friendly for visually impaired users.
Technologies used: React Native, Redux, Saga