Prashant Tiwari

Software Engineer III
I have a creative mindset, I enjoy experimenting with new technology, and I'm driven and excited about creating new things that will make people's life easier always trying to get better.
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, I won the first prize in a 24-hour hackathon by creating a tool for managing users in an organization.
Interest & Expertise
  • Web Applications Development
  • Learning New Technologies
  • Won quizzes and hackathons
  • Led a team that created a website for a college fest’s database management
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,Java,C++,TypeScript
Version Control
Cloud Services
Query Language
State Management
Redux (with Saga and Thunk),Apollo client
Visual Studio Code
A Blog App
A serverless blog application using AWS Lambda. Users can create blog posts through an API endpoint which triggers an AWS Lambda function to store the post data in a NoSQL database such as DynamoDB.The API can provide endpoints for fetching and displaying blog posts, as well as for creating and editing them. The service can be secured with AWS IAM roles and policies.
Technologies used: NextJs, GraphQl, Typescript, Styling Library - ChakraUI, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB
Ground Force Task Management App
This is an application for Sales Associates through which he/she can perform tasks (Merchant Onboarding, etc) assigned to him/her after login. Users can view and manage the users, cities, merchants, and tasks using the app. The app provided solutions to merchants and shop owners for easier transactions and record keeping.
Technologies Used:- React Native, TypeScript, React Hooks, Apollo Client
The goal of the project was to automate the hiring process so that less human effort could be consumed. Worked as a full-stack developer and was primarily in charge of managing the project's front end. I worked on the admin, corporate, dashboard, and website projects.
I worked on this project for over two years and learned a lot of new things, including how to build a product.
Technologies used: NextJs, MoleculerJs, GraphQl, Typescript, SQL, Styling Library - ChakraUI
Contributed to the web dashboard project. The goal of the project was to manage projects that include managing deployments, environments, databases, etc. Users can create teams and each team can have members and projects, teams and members both can have their private projects too.
Technologies used: NextJs, GraphQl, Typescript, Styling Library - ChakraUI