Pavitra Kinni

Software Testing Engineer
Being a tester in the software industry is a big responsibility, finding bugs is my primary goal in the product/application. And I always believe in finding bugs should not be limited and never accept the application is bug-free, always keen to break the application and never say ‘yes’ until and unless satisfied with the testing.
Manual testing
Regression testing
Mobile testing
Automation testing
API testing
Katalon studio
The Most Amazing...
....thing that I have done, POC on 2 Factor Authentication in cypress - As the cypress won’t allow users to test cross-browser testing, using the Cypress-social-login plugin user can complete the 2FA for their websites to login
Interest & Expertise
  • Breaking application
  • Finding bugs and reporting
  • Test automation
  • Reproducing issues and tracking
  • Finding root cause
  • Documenting test plan
  • Exploring and implementing
  • Documenting user flows and stories
  • Debugging
  • Received recognition for the tech debate during my final year of engineering college
  • Got the appreciation and rewarded for the good performance from the organization
  • Software Testing Engineer - Certification from Qspiders
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,Core Java
Version Control
Project Management
Testing Tools
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Visual Studio Code,Eclipse
File Sharing App
This application is built using the Flutter framework and Dart, where privacy becomes the fundamental right and everyone owns their own data because it’s end-to-end encrypted, users can share their files/images with one another by using their own keys.
Fixing Appointments For The Patients And Clinicians
This Application is used to create visits for the patients in different organizations and branches where patients can directly go and visit the clinician associated, it is mainly for the patients who have issues with limbs. sensors and some activities are used to recover the loss for the patients. This application was built using Flutter, Dart, and Postgres.
Creating Supporters Group For The Sport
This application is built using flutter, Dart, and firebase as tech stacks. It is an app that powers supporters groups as they build community, collaborate and rally together on match day.
A Dating Application
Users can find their match by creating their interests and details and then can search their match, like, and unlike profiles. This application is built using Flutter and Dart as frontend tech stacks.
Banking App For The Customers And Cashiers
A banking app is a mobile application where users, merchants, and cashiers have their own app to make transactions with one another where users can access the details of their own account and complete transactions directly from the phone or tablet, also there was a unique approach to make payments by generating and scanning QR codes and also user can download & share invoices.
Location Sharing App For The Buyers And Sellers
Using this application users can order things and get them delivered with live activity status and can make the transaction online and can also share their location.
Chatting App For The Business
CometChat’s in-app communication platform delivers a scalable, secure, and easy-to-use solution that drives meaningful user-to-user engagement for your growing business.
Users can quickly add one-on-one and group text chat in the app with all the bells and whistles like reading receipts, media sharing, and more. And supercharge with extensions like email notifications and more.
Logging App For Pilots
This application is mainly created for the pilots where they can log their daily work updates and attendance, expenditures, traveling time, and more, then validate these by respective authors.
Hotel Booking Application
To make finding and booking family-friendly accommodation easier for the people who love to go on a trip. Using AI technology, this app learns about individual families and matches them to hotels that their brood will love around the world.
And, if they need it, this app can go one step further and help them decide on the ideal destination for their brood too.