Krupali Patel

UI/UX Designer
I am a Human-centered designer. I bring an engineering perspective and creative problem-solving approach to create products and experiences that people love to use. I am passionate about using design as a method for improving connections between humans and the products they use.
Product Design
UX Research
Data Analysis
Service Design
Design System
Adobe Premier Pro
The Most Amazing...
....In the past two years, I have participated in a couple of Design hackathons. Not only did I work on the project but I was also leading the group.
Interest & Expertise
  • Any kind of sports activity.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Responsive Design
  • Winter school 2019: Towards an Ethical Digital society - Certified by Centre for Information Technology and Public policy (IIIT Bangalore)
  • Participated in Design X Social: Global innovation challenge by UX India conference- UMO design foundation.
HTML / CSS, JavaScript
Design Tools
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Query Language
Sports Management
It’s a sports management trading platform. There are three users - Agents, Managers, and Traders. The manager runs a club. The agent negotiates with club managers for player wages and contract length and sets the player’s mood. Traders buy, sell, and hold shares in clubs and players. The client requirement included improving user experience as well as designing modern UI screens for the existing screens of the web, mobile app, and tab apps for both dark and light themes. Platform: Website, Responsive Design, Mobile Application, Tablet Application. Roles and Responsibilities: Research, UX Design, User flow, Wireframe, Design system, Visual Design.
Home Interior
The client's requirement was to create a mobile application from scratch for their customers and their internal team. Through this app, customers can track their home interior orders, get real-time updates about their home-interior projects with a detailed timeline, and can talk to the HomeLane team for any kind of queries(a single app for all kinds of communication) and can escalate to HomeLane whenever needed. The HomeLane internal team can easily interact with customers and internal stakeholders can easily access project-related information and can get real-time status and detailed timeline of orders. The client also wanted to be more transparent with customers while tracking orders so the requirement included creating illustrations for each order tracking phase like the Order booking phase, In the production phase, In the transit phase, In the installation phase, and the Project completion phase, etc. In this way, customers can know what is happening in each phase and they won’t overthink. Platform: Mobile application. Roles and Responsibilities: UX Design, User flow, Wireframe, Design system, Visual Design, illustrations.
Sports player health-management
This administration web portal is for admins and coaches to manage the health of sports players that are a part of a university. The client wanted sporty visuals. Through this portal, the admin/coach can create testing appointments for players. They can add New Universities, University teams, and players. They can also manage current players and teams. Platform: Web portal. Roles and Responsibilities: UX Design, User flow, Visual Design.