Monisankar Nath

Software Engineer
Designing and building scalable apps with React, React Native and NodeJS, love to work on cool user interface with seamless transitions. Always exited for the upcoming technologies and what changes those will bring to our life as a developer and as a human being
React Navigation
React Router DOM
React Native Reanimated
React Redash
The Most Amazing...
....Educating myself about money and investments.
Interest & Expertise
  • Smooth UI with cool animations, designs with Figma, Painting
  • IBM ICE DAY event prize for presenting a chatbot created using NLP, Speech-to-text, text-to- speech and IBM Watson
Backend Framework & Library
State Management
Frontend Framework & Library
Cloud Services
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Query Language
App where we can store all our projects.
his is a web-app where an user can add his projects with link to live app and GitHub repo link and he can check projects from other users and their GitHub repo for the code. React, Node, Express for frontend and backend. Material ui for interface styling. React google login for authentication. Redux, redux thunk for state management. Axios for sending http requests. Mongodb for backend and mongoose for schema and model.
Music Application
App where a teacher can give task or a piece to work on and the student can record audio and share it with the teacher or anyone else. Description: There is the web-app and the react-native app too. Firebase authentication for signup, signin and forgot password. Material UI for web app. Axios for making requests to firebase backend. Firebase functions for backend. Date-fns and moment for formatting date. React router dom for routing in web app. Redux for state management. React navigation in react native app for navigations. React native splash screen for having a splash screen for mobile apps. React native one signal and react native push notification for notification in both android and iOS. React native audio recorder player for recording the the audio. React native call detection for detecting calls in the cell phone. React native fs for using the file system of android and iOS mobile phones.