Kavya Basavaraj

UI/UX Designer
An enthusiastic UI/UX designer with a good design sense, a strong technical background, and an eye for making things better. She aims to design & transform ideas into user-friendly, elegant, and meaningful digital outcomes.
Design System
Responsive Design
Content Creator
The Most Amazing...
....I have created a fun-filled series of short videos, where I'll be sharing nifty tips and tricks for designing faster in Figma. I have tried to cover all the basics of the tool and how we can make use of those features to create some amazing designs. I enjoyed the process of making these content videos. You can view it here : https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ce6QoA1jXxf/
Interest & Expertise
  • Digital Art.
  • Visual Design.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Logo Design.
  • Content Creation.
  • Research.
  • Won the Contest Fest at GeekyAnts by participating in the Tech Video Series.
  • Figma, XD, Photoshop & Illustrator courses from Udemy.
  • Big Data Programming & Development and Python Certification.
  • UX Jumpstarter Course.
Design Tools
Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma
Miro, ExcelDraw
UI Design
Visual Design, Iconography, Typography, UI guidelines, Prototyping
Design Thinking
Empathy, Ideate, Design, Prototype & Test, Logo Design, Illustration
User-Centric Design
Research, Empathy & Iteration
UX Design
User Research, Brainstorming, User Flow, Wireframe, Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
Accessible Design
Hierarchy, Scannability, Legibility, Readability, Heuristic Evaluation
Technical Skills
Basic understanding of HTML & CSS.
Online store for Furniture & Home Decor
It is an online marketplace for furniture shopping in India that sells furniture, home decor, lamps, furnishings, homeware and more. The requirement was to revisit their Design System and create components & patterns for the responsive screens in all breakpoints. It also included the addition of some new components. Our team contributed task force to redefine the brand & explore multiple concepts to elevate the Design System. Led responsive designs focusing on five different platforms (Web, Laptop, Tablet-Landscape, Tablet-Portrait, and Mobile) This project involved working with stakeholders on creating High fidelity screens for all the breakpoints.
My roles & responsibilities were Understanding & Analysing old designs (Web & Mobile), Setting up the Foundation (Typography, Colours, Layout & Grids), Creating Component sets, Variants & Mockups, and Iterating Designs based on Business requirements & Client feedback & Documentation. This Design System follows Atomic Design Methodology.
NativeBase Figma components library with modular and accessible components that give you the building blocks you need to design and build your React and React Native applications.
Our role as a design team was to work on a Figma design kit that emulates all of the utility props from NativeBase. Seamlessly integrate style guides, UI components, and pages into your web and mobile apps.
My roles & responsibilities were to create 29 components with 5600+ variants & layers, competitive analysis, extensive styles for typography & color, dynamic layers powered by auto layout, responsive designs with different sizes, components in light & dark mode, updating changelogs & documentation.
With NativeBase Startup +, distinct UI components are available universally, along with code base and documentation in it. It helps users to implement them as their business needs and deploy them everywhere, cutting down on development time and cost.
Designed a bundle of 100+ responsive, accessible, dark mode compatible UI screens that you can use to build highly-intuitive web and mobile apps. Collaboration with the BA team to get a list of screens belonging to each category and design a set of screens per day.
My roles & responsibilities were to Create 100+ responsive screens in Figma & Adobe XD, customizable screens to fit any business, interaction with developers and test the developed screens, Involvement with the marketing team in creating posts and creatives for social media, manage & updating tasks on the Jira board & review process.
A platform to give your website, mobile apps, themes, templates, and plugins created using NativeBase, the audience it deserves. Involved in designing the website landing page using the UI elements and showing a collection of awesome projects built using NativeBase. In addition to that is the flow of how a user can submit the project by entering the required information.
My roles & responsibilities were to Create User flow, Designing Thumbnail covers for Cloned Apps, Usage of components in website design, design OG tags, badge designs & cover images for social media.
Healthcare App
Triage TB test in Lateral Flow Format - A method to quickly assess the severity of Tuberculosis (TB) disease in humans which helps in determining the next steps to be taken. The client believed that the new-age technology can help provide a more accurate result as the lines on the test kit might be quite faint for the human eye to perceive and they essentially wish to remove human dependency on this initial phase test result.
My roles & responsibilities were to Capture the vision of the project, Create low-fidelity wireframes & convert them to UI screens & Prototyping.
The key to learning in designing was to make sure our designs were simple and functional. Having an aesthetically appealing application was not our client’s wish as of now and hence this made us think from a different perspective and provide a very simple-looking application while keeping in mind the guidelines.
Responsible for GeekyAnts Casestudy page design where projects are showcased keeping in mind the layout, to focus more on the user's readability. Designed employee welcome cards, magazine covers, and other creatives like banners & posters.